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GLIN==> Society of Conservation Biology, Call for Symposia

Society for Conservation Biology 2003 Meeting

The local organizing committee for the Society for Conservation
Biology's (SCB)  17th annual meeting, to be held in Duluth, Minnesota,
USA, from June 29 to July 2, 2003, invites proposals for symposia.
There will be opportunities for both 2-hour and 3.5-hour symposia.
Presentations will be in multiples of 15 minutes so that the timing of
the symposia will be coordinated with the contributed paper sessions. 

Symposia will either be related to the meeting theme, "Conservation of
Land and Water Interactions," or address newly emerging topics or
significant syntheses, including (but certainly not limited to) those
suggested below by the local organizing committee. Symposia proposals
should differ from those addressed at recent SCB annual meetings. 

The meeting's theme will focus attention on water (both freshwater and
marine environments), forests, wetlands, the Great Lakes and other
large lakes and rivers of the world, and associated biodiversity
issues. We are especially interested in symposium topics that focus on
biodiversity issues at the land/water ecotone, at scales ranging from
small streams to great lakes and rivers, to   ocean coasts. The meeting
will be held at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center
(www.decc.org), which is located near Lake Superior, the world's
largest freshwater lake in terms of surface area. 

Proposals should be as brief as possible and include (1) a one-page
outline that indicates the title of the symposium, whether 2 or 3.5
hours, goal or purpose, and an explanation of why the topic is
appropriate and significant for presentation at the SCB annual meeting,
(2) a tentative list of speakers, presentation titles, and whether they
have agreed to participate, and (3) complete contact information for
the organizers. 

Proposals for workshops and organized discussions are also invited.
Workshops facilitate the presentation and application of new concepts
or methods. Discussions allow audience participation for exploration of
new or controversial issues. 

Proposals for workshops and discussions should be as brief as possible
and include (1) a one-page synopsis composed of the title, goal or
purpose, and justification (2) the organizational structure including
format, duration, expected number of participants, and preferred date
and time, and (3) complete contact information for the organizers.
Dates and times of workshops and organized discussions should be
structured to have minimal conflict with paper sessions (evenings, days
immediately before or after the meeting, and lunches are preferred).
All workshop and discussion organizers must be registered for the

All proposals must be submitted by July 5, 2002 to scb2003@d.umn.edu.
The local organizing committee will complete the selection of symposia,
workshops, and organized discussions for inclusion at the 2003 meeting
by August 15, 2002. Proposal authors will be notified of the
committee's decision as soon as possible so that organizers can acquire
any necessary funding for their symposium. The Call for Abstracts will
be published in September 2002. For more information contact

The local organizing committee would especially like to see proposals
addressing the following preliminary list of topics: 

Great rivers and lakes 
Identification and issues surrounding marine sanctuaries 
Issues in ecotoxicology 
Biogeography of land/water interactions: altitude, latitude, and
Conservation and restoration of ecological processes and dynamic
Land/water interactions in agricultural landscapes 
Ecological thresholds and conservation objectives 
Issues and challenges in boreal forests 
Conservation planning for wide-ranging species 
Public involvement in conservation policy 
Genetically modified organisms

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