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GLIN==> Fw: Declaration of Quebec INBO

The "Declaration of Quebec" is attached as an MSWord document. It is not yet
available on the web site. Thanks to Yvan Bédard for this information.

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> Posted on behalf of  Yvan Bédard <yvan.bedard@mri.gouv.qc.ca>
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> Please go to http://www.oieau.fr/riob/index.htm to find "the Declaration
> Quebec," which was adopted by the delegates present at the International
> Network of Basin Organizations' General Meeting, held at the Concorde
> in Quebec from the 28 to May 30, 2002.
> The International Network of Basin Organizations has the following
> objectives:
> * to develop permanent relations with the organizations interested in a
> global river basin management, and facilitate exchanges of experiences and
> expertises among them,
> * to promote the principles and means of sound water management in
> cooperation programmes to reach a sustainable development,
> * to facilitate the implementation of tools for institutional and
> management, for programming, for the organization of data banks, of models
> adapted to the needs,
> * to promote information and training programmes for local elected
> officials, for users' representatives and for the different actors
> in water management as well as for the executives and staff of the member
> basin organizations,
> * to encourage education of the population, the young in particular,
> * to evaluate ongoing actions and disseminate their results.
> For more information on INBO and its membership, visit
> http://www.riob.org/anglais/charte.htm
> All information is available in French, English and Spanish.