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GLIN==> Saginaw Bay WIN Announces Grant Awards

Posted on behalf of Michael Kelly <mkelly@svsu.edu>



Six local and regional organizations have been awarded nearly $160,000 in
grants through the Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network ("WIN"). WIN is
a volunteer organization that includes more than 90 citizens and
organizations that focus on opportunities to better link the economic,
social, and environmental wellbeing of Saginaw Bay communities in order to
sustain and improve the region's quality of life.  The organization makes
grant funds available to projects twice each year, in the spring and fall.

"These projects were developed and designed to promote the concept of
sustainability - the inter-relationship of the economy, the environment, and
our communities", said Michael Kelly of The Conservation Fund.  The
Conservation Fund administers WIN.   "From a project designed to restore
habitat and provide public access at an abandoned highway borrow pit
location to a unique effort by Saginaw Valley State University to
demonstrate the effective use of corn and other agricultural products for
heating purposes, these projects represent those fundamental concepts that
help to improve our environment, while at the same time strengthen our
economy", said Kelly

Other projects receiving funding in this round include a marsh enhancement
project at Nayanquing Point in Bay County, as well as a major
volunteer-based water quality monitoring project spearheaded by Saginaw
Valley State University.  A complete list of project awards can be found at
the WIN website at www.saginawbaywin.org.

Thirteen area foundations work together as a Network to support WIN
projects. This Foundation Network includes: Bay Area Community Foundation,
Charles J. Strosacker Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Consumers
Energy Foundation, Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation, Kantzler
Foundation, Midland Area Community Foundation, Rollin M. Gerstacker
Foundation, Saginaw Community Foundation, The Dow Chemical Company
Foundation, The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, S.C. Johnson Fund,
and the Cook Family Foundation.  These foundations and corporations
contribute $300,000 per year to the Sustainable Communities Initiative Fund
at the Bay Area Community Foundation to support WIN projects.

To date, WIN has provided nearly $1,200,000 to support projects that help to
identify the Saginaw Bay Watershed as a sustainable community.  Funding is
provided for projects that create opportunities to connect people,
resources, organizations and programs.  Priority is given to projects that
are innovative, cross governmental boundaries, and attempt to balance the
environment, economy, and the community.  WIN grants have been matched by
more than $1.5 million in other funding.

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