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GLIN==> (Correction) Michigan Greens Join Sweetwater Alliance in Supporting Ice Mountain Boycott

Posted on behalf of John Anthony La Pietra <jalp@internet1.net>

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>        Michigan Greens Join Sweetwater Alliance 
>           in Supporting Ice Mountain Boycott 
>                     (Correction) 
     On May 24, the Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) sent out a 
press release entitled "Michigan Greens Join Sweetwater Alliance 
in Supporting Ice Mountain Boycott."  In that article, several 
statements were unintentionally misattributed to Dr. Marty 
Kaufman, head of the Earth Sciences Department at the 
University of Michigan-Flint. 
    During his presentation at a state membership meeting 
of GPMI, Dr. Kaufman did not directly address the issue 
of possible environmental impacts of Perrier/Nestle's Ice 
Mountain plant in Mecosta County, and never explicitly 
stated or inferred that Perrier's withdrawal of groundwater 
in Michigan or elsewhere would deplete (or has depleted) 
the aquifer(s).  Neither did Dr. Kaufman review the history 
of Perrier/Nestle water-extraction plants in Florida and 
Pennsylvania, nor the resistance which drove the corporation 
out of Wisconsin.  This was done by others present. 
    Dr. Kaufman did review the history of water resources in 
the United States, and how the management of water resources 
came to be assigned to the Army Corps of Engineers and other 
large engineering groups. 
    Dr. Kaufman concluded his remarks by asking why people 
were willing to spend many times the price of treated water 
for bottled water.  He suggested that this may be due to 
people's lack of confidence in the water supply, but also 
stated that it may be due to the failure of the state and 
federal governments to adequately fund the Clean Water Act. 
    In that same article, Tom Mair, a resident of northern 
Michigan and an activist involved in local protests of the 
Mecosta County Ice Mountain plant, was quoted as saying, "The 
water is being taken out from under our feet.  The neighbors 
of the wells are experiencing lower water pressure.  The 
neighbors will have to drill deeper wells at their own cost." 
Perrier, through a representative, has since claimed that 
these statements are "false". 
    Perrier/Nestle's bottling of ground water in several 
states -- including Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, 
and now Michigan -- has been the focus of a number of lawsuits 
and new legislation aimed at controlling water use, as well as 
numerous activism campaigns and protests.  A number of Michigan 
groups -- including Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation 
and the Sweetwater Alliance -- have called for a boycott of 
Perrier/Nestle products.  The following web sites offer 
additional information about activism surrounding Perrier's 
bottling and selling of ground water: 
    www.saveamericaswater.com  (nationwide information) 
    www.savemiwater.com        (Michigan) 
    www.saveourspringsinc.com  (Florida) 
    www.friendsofthemecan.com  (Wisconsin) 
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