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GLIN==> Expression of Interest: Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy

Posted on behalf of  David Alexander

July 3, 2002
 Expression of Interest

Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy
The Regional Municipality of Niagara, in concert with its lead partners,
Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and Ministry of the
Environment and Energy (MOEE), are accepting Expressions of Interest for the
provision of consulting services to address the Terms of Reference for
preparing the Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy (NWQPS).

Consultants identified by the Region are invited to submit a six-page,
single-sided, minimum 10-point font Expression of Interest setting out the
philosophy and proposed approach of the consulting firm or team offering
professional services.  Your Expression of Interest letter should:

*      Identify key project team members including their expertise, time
availability for the study, and a project manager (Resumes/CV's not included
in the 6 pages);

*    Describe the experience of the team in conjunction with related
projects and the role of various team members in the successful completion
of these projects;

*        Highlight project experience in the study area and subject manner;

*         Describe the examples, experiences and benefits of public
involvement in similar strategies;

*        Describe and reference the firm's abilities in working within an
aggressive study timeline;

*         Establish per diem rates for 2002/2003 for all study team members,
based on a 7.5 hour day;

*         List three (3) relevant references that have used your services in
the last 2-3 years.  References must include individuals who utilized your
services on projects similar or related to this initiative and include
company name, address, contact name, and position and telephone number; and,

*         Provide recommendations/suggestions for innovative value-added

If your firm/team is interested in this project please submit six (6) copies
of your response to this Expression of Interest to the undersigned by 2
p.m., Monday July 15, 2002.  In addition to the six-page Expression of
Interest, the consultant may provide stock material.

Should a consortium of firms be proposed the working relationship of the
firms/teams and any past projects that the consortium has completed should
be described.

Based on the Expression of Interest, the evaluation and short listing of
consultants will be undertaken by the NWQPS Steering Committee members.
Three firms or teams will be selected to prepare detailed proposals for the
NWQPS and will be notified by Thursday July 18, 2002.

Pursuant to this decision, a mandatory briefing session will be held the
afternoon of Monday July 22, 2002 for selected firms/teams.  The specified
time and location will be detailed in the response to the Expression of
Interest.  For your information, the planned closing date to submit Terms of
Reference proposals by the selected firms is Friday August 2, 2002.

A copy of the NWQPS Terms of Reference and associated appendices is
available on our web site at:
http://www.regional.niagara.on.ca/works/admin/nwqps/index.shtml. Part of
engaging us in the NWQPS work is that we welcome ideas, suggestions,
feedback and contacts on the scope and content of the Terms of Reference, as
well as the entire NWQPS initiative. Based on these results, the present
version of the Terms of Reference may evolve after each stage as we
incorporate comments and as it advances within the approval process.  If
your firm or team is considering submitting an EOI letter we would ask that
you email David Alexander so that we may inform you of any updates and/or
revisions to the bidding process.  Also found on the Region's web site is
the NWQPS Background document and the strategy presentation that are
currently being used to engage municipal and community stakeholders.
Finally, as the NWQPS links into other strategies, it is encouraged that
interested consultants familiarize themselves with other Regional
initiatives, our Smarter Niagara work, and Council's business plan, all
found on the web site.

If you require further information, please contact David Alexander, Senior
Project Manager- Environmental by phone at 685-4225 extension 3275 or by
email at: david.alexander@regional.niagara.on.ca.

Ian Neville, M.P.A, P.Eng.

Commissioner of Public Works

Public Works Department

The Regional Municipality of Niagara

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