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GLIN==> News release: Latest issue of Upwellings newsletter now online

Title: News release: Latest issue of Upwellings newsletter no
News Release
From: Michigan Sea Grant
August 2, 2002
Joyce Daniels, Editor, (734) 647-0766 or joydan@umich.edu

The latest issue of Michigan Sea Grant's newsletter Upwellings is now online: http://www.miseagrant.org
Web of Life: Scientists Explore Changes in Great Lakes Aquatic Food Web http://www.miseagrant.org/pubs/up/sum02/page2.html
From microscopic organisms to fish, aquatic species in the Great Lakes depend upon one another for food. This network of connections, known as the aquatic food web, supports a healthy Great Lakes fishery. Scientists discuss recent food web changes and the potential impact on fish.

University of Michigan (UM) Enhances Great Lakes Research http://www.miseagrant.org/pubs/up/sum02/page9.html
More than 70 UM faculty members gathered recently to discuss new Great Lakes' research opportunities at a breakfast meeting organized by Michigan Sea Grant. The group identified 12 priority issues, which will form the basis for a research symposium planned for November 2002.

Into the Deep: Scientists Navigate Ship Ballast Tanks to Study Exotics http://www.miseagrant.org/pubs/up/sum02/page7.html
Exotic species can be carried in the ballast tanks of transoceanic ships and later discharged into the Great Lakes. But what types of fish and organisms survive the journey, and do they pose a threat? To find out, a team of scientists has been collecting and analyzing the biological life contained in ballast tanks.

Boaters: Don't Get Trapped! http://www.miseagrant.org/pubs/up/sum02/page8.html
Recreational boaters on the Great Lakes need to recognize and avoid commercial fishing trap nets that may be set in open water. A new publication by Michigan Sea Grant provides practical tips and full-color illustrations to help boaters identify and avoid these large nets. Also see: http://www.miseagrant.org/nets/index.html.

Upwellings Online is a quarterly publication of Michigan Sea Grant, http://www.miseagrant.org. Michigan Sea Grant, a cooperative program of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of Great Lakes resources. Michigan Sea Grant is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, see NOAA at http://www.csc.noaa.gov.