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GLIN==> Lake Erie Shipwreck Guides


For project information: Karen Ricker, Communications Coordinator
ricker.15@osu.edu, 614-292-8949
For ordering information: Nancy Cruickshank, Publications Manager,
cruickshank.3@osu.edu, 614-292-8949

New from Ohio Sea Grant:
"Guides to Lake Erie's Historic Shipwrecks: Adventure , W. R. Hanna, and F. 
H. Prince"

Did you know that Lake Erie contains approximately 1700 shipwrecks, and 50 
of them are located in the waters that surround Kelleys Island, Ohio? Ohio 
Sea Grant has created underwater guides for three of the shipwrecks: 
Adventure, W. R. Hanna, and F. H. Prince. Packaged as a set in a waterproof 
envelope, each sturdy, plastic, waterproof slate measures 9.5" x 6.25" and 
features a site map, schematic diagram, diving information, vessel data, 
and ship history. The guides are essential for anyone interested in Lake 
Erie, shipwrecks, maritime history, or underwater archaeology.

The guide's production was funded by Ohio Sea Grant. Additional assistance 
was provided by the Great Lakes Historical Society, Lake Erie Shipwreck 
Research Center, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Coastal 
Management Program, Ohio Historical Society, and Bowling Green State 
University. The information provided in the guides is the result of 
hundreds of hours of archaeological and historical research conducted by 
the staff of the Lake Erie Shipwreck Research Center in conjunction with 
volunteers from the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team (MAST).

Price: $15.00 per set  (price includes shipping)

All orders must be pre-paid.
Make your check payable to: The Ohio State University and mail to:

Ohio Sea Grant Publications
1314 Kinnear Road
Columbus, OH  43212-1194

Ohio Sea Grant works to increase understanding, assessment, utilization, 
development, conservation, and stewardship of our Great Lakes and ocean 
resources, with particular emphasis on Lake Erie. Using a combination of 
research, education, and outreach, Ohio Sea Grant partners with academia, 
government, and the private sector to focus on the economy, environment, 
and education. The Ohio Sea Grant College Program is one of 30 programs in 
the National Sea Grant College Program of the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce. Ohio Sea Grant 
is supported by NOAA, the Ohio Board of Regents, The Ohio State University, 
industries, and associations. Visit our web site at www.sg.ohio-state.edu


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