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GLIN==> Wisconsin Coastal Council Meeting Promotes Great Lakes Access

Coastal Council Meeting Promotes Great Lakes Access
A new episode of television program Discover Wisconsin promoting the beauty
and adventure that can be found along Wisconsin's 800 miles of Great Lakes
Coastline will be shown at the next meeting of the Wisconsin Coastal
Management Council.  The program's hosts, Stephanie Klett and Rick Rose,
will attend the special screening of The Coasts of Wisconsin.  The council
will meet in Two Rivers on Thursday, September 12 beginning at 10:00 a.m. at
the Lester Public Library, 1001 Adams Street.

"Our goal is to promote awareness throughout the region of Wisconsin as a
coastal state, to invite visitors to explore the dozens of sites of
beautiful and fascinating sites on two Great Lakes, and to make them
accessible," explains Department of Administration (DOA) Secretary George

The Coasts of Wisconsin was developed in cooperation with DOA's Wisconsin
Coastal Management Program. The episode highlights the Wisconsin coastal
experience, including charter boat fishing off Manitowoc; Racine's Wind
Point Lighthouse; Milwaukee's festival grounds, art museum and sailing
schooner; Door County state parks and the rugged coast of Lake Superior.
Participating television stations will broadcast The Coasts of Wisconsin the
weekend of September 14 and 15 (check local listings for time and channel).

The meeting will also include a presentation by underwater archaeologist
Catherine Green of the Wisconsin Historical Society outlining that agency's
efforts to develop an underwater visitors trail, including not only
educational programs for the state's historic shipwrecks, but shore-side
museums, markers and maritime-related buildings.  Rick Manchester, Director,
Two Rivers Park and Recreation Department, will speak on plans being
developed for the Neshotah Beach and park in Two Rivers, a planning project
funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program.  

The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program is dedicated to preserving and
making accessible the natural and historic resources of Wisconsin's Great
Lakes Coasts.  The program works cooperatively with state, local and tribal
government agencies and non-profits in managing the ecological, economic and
aesthetic assets of the Great Lakes and their coastal areas.
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For Further Information Contact:
Brian A. Schimming, Administrator, 
Division of Housing and Intergovernmental Relations
Phone: (608) 267-6902  E-Mail: Brian.Schimming@doa.state.wi.us 

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