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GLIN==> job posting at the Huron River Watershed Council

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Position Announcement

Position: Upper Huron Initiative Coordinator
Reports to: Executive Director
Hours: full-time with benefits
Salary: $48,048
Temporary 9-month position with the intention of making it permanent

Organization:  The Huron River Watershed Council is a coalition of Huron
Valley residents, businesses, and local governments established under
Michigan's Local River Management Act and is the oldest, regional, river
protection organization in Michigan.  The mission of the Council is to
inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies that protect, rehabilitate, and
sustain the Huron River System.  Services of the Council include hands-on
citizen education, technical assistance, and direct river protection

General Description:  The Upper Huron Coordinator is responsible for the
implementation of the Upper Huron Initiative, a community based watershed
planning and pollution reduction strategy.  The UHI Coordinator will
facilitate the evolution from watershed planning to implementation in the
Kent Lake Subwatershed.  The project area falls within the upper Huron,
which is under a phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load for Kent Lake.  Open
lands and agriculture are rapidly being converted to urban and suburban uses
as increasing development pressures face upper Huron communities. The
Coordinator will devise retrofit structural stormwater BMP plans in the
"critical" Norton Creek and Milford/Huron sub-basins.  Implementing the
devised plans will initiate progression towards attaining the TMDL goal of a
16% reduction in nonpoint source phosphorus load to Kent Lake.  Sub-basin
residents will be educated through public meetings and stakeholder work
groups in water resources, aquatic habitat quality, and related topics to
help foster stewardship in the area. The coordinator will also direct other
activities in the Upper Huron Watershed.  

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
*	Work with Upper Huron communities to implement watershed management
plan and to initiate progress towards the Total Maximum Daily Load goal of a
16% reduction in non-point source phosphorus loading to the Kent Lake.
*	Coordinate and facilitate meetings of the Upper Huron Partnership.
*	Develop conceptual stormwater best management practice retrofit
engineering plans for the Norton Creek and Milford/Huron Sub-basins.  
*	Foster stewardship in local residents on water quality protection
and restoration through education outreach.
*	Work with MDEQ and point and non-point source discharges to reduce
discharges to the Huron River and its tributaries.
*	Serve on related committees and workgroups
*	Analyze data connected with the levels of phosphorus, sediments, and
other pollutants in the watershed and how to reduce them.
*	Research and summarize information of relevance to stormwater
management, identify opportunities for reduction, and alternative
*	Secure funds for future Upper Huron Initiatives.

Qualifications:  HRWC seeks a dynamic individual with a minimum of a
bachelor's degree in natural resources, biology, and/or planning, plus work
experience.  Master's degree preferred.  Strong analytical skills; excellent
verbal and written communication skills; self-motivated and organized;
ArcView GIS experience necessary. Knowledge of land use planning; Experience
in dealing with water quality issues and solutions; Ability and desire to
facilitate collaborative approaches to environmental protection.

Send resume, cover letter, and references by September 25th, 2002 to:
Laura Rubin
Huron River Watershed Council
1100 N. Main St., Suite 210
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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