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GLIN==> Latest Seiche Newsletter is Online

The latest issue of the Minnesota Sea Grant's "Seiche" newsletter is
available at

Articles include:

What You Can Do to Help Lake Superior

In this magazine-length feature article, three natural resource
managers from around Lake Superior describe the challenges they face
and explain how you can help protect the lake's environment.  A photo
album of images from Isle Royale, Tettegouche State Park, and Apostle
Islands National Lakeshore is included.

Superior Science for You! 
A Monthly Speaker Series About Lake Superior

Minnesota Sea Grant is luring eight respected scientists away from
their Lake Superior research for your education and enjoyment through a
monthly speaker series.  The talks will take place in Duluth, Grand
Marais, and Grand Portage, MN --  and on your desktop computer!

Where Have All the Purple Flowers Gone?

Efforts by volunteers to control the exotic plant purple loosestrife
along the St. Louis River with imported beetles seems to be working.

Escaping Classroom Routines with Exotic Species

Game boards, rap music, art, puzzles and experiments are just a few of
the fun and informative activities created for K-12 classrooms in
ESCAPE (the Exotic Species Compendium of Activities to Protect the
Ecosystem).  The compendium is part of a Sea Grant-sponsored campaign
to teach young people about exotic species issues and help them explore
ways to solve real-world problems.

Workshops Benefit from New Training Video

A 22-minute video is available to help public fish hatchery operators,
fish farmers, and bait harvesters take measures to prevent spreading
aquatic nuisance species through their activities.  "From Net to Sale"
costs $3.50.

Hang Lake Superior History on Your Wall With 2003 Calendar

We've produced a 14-month, black-and-white calendar that  features
historic images from Lake Superior and Minnesota's North Shore.  Copies
cost $10.

Exotic Species Teacher Workshop Offered

We will conduct a workshop, "ESCAPE From Aquatic Nuisance Species!" at
the Minnesota Science Teachers Association Fall Conference, October 18,
2002, in Eagan, MN.

..plus information on other staff activities and new products/services.
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publication, please send me your name and street address.  Or, if you'd
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available on the web, please send me your e-mail address.  Subscription
is FREE.

Marie Zhuikov (pronounced zwee-cough)
Communications Coordinator
MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
(218) 726-7677   Fax: (218) 726-6556

"Superior Science for You"

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