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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 November 2002

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SITE OF THE MONTH for November: State of New York
    >> http://www.state.ny.us/ <<
On June 12, 2000, Gov. George Pataki officially launched his 
e-Commerce/e-Government Initiative, which is creating a "Government 
Without Walls." This new government is available online to anyone, 
anytime, anywhere. The foundation of the "Government Without Walls" 
theme is to break down the walls of individual state agencies for 
citizens and businesses doing business with state government and allow 
them to conduct business and find information anytime, anywhere, without 
having to know which agency handles each type of transaction -- a 
one-stop shopping concept. In March 2001 the state's Portal Home Page 
went public, providing the first major step toward providing easy and 
convenient access to government information, services and transactions. 
This portal provides numerous access points for citizens and businesses 
to state government.

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The Wolves and Moose of ISLE ROYALE National Park
    >> http://forestry.mtu.edu/research/isro/ <<
Isle Royale -- the largest island in Lake Superior -- is separated from 
the rest of the world by more than 15 miles (24 km) of icy waters. The 
predator-prey relationship between the wolves and moose of Isle Royale 
have been studied continuously since 1959, the longest running study of 
its kind in the world.

    >> http://www.miseagrant.org/pp/ <<
The "Purple Pages" are the homepage of the Purple Loosestrife Project at 
Michigan State University. Students and teachers can learn more about 
the biological control project, which engages Michigan citizens and 
young adults in the control of purple loosestrife by using the plant's 
natural enemies.

Lake Erie LINK
    >> http://www.lakeerielink.com/ <<
Here you'll find information about the proposed Lake Erie Link 
transmission project, the first competitive transmission network 
facility built in response to the opening of the electricity markets in 
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ontario. LEL will consist of a high-voltage 
direct-current transmission system, including 70-90 miles of buried, 
underwater cables under Lake Erie, linking either Nanticoke, Ontario and 
either or both Springfield, Pennsylvania and Ashtabula, Ohio.

The History of SAINT CROIX Island
    >> http://collections.ic.gc.ca/saintcroixisland/ <<
Samuel de Champlain set up camp on this island before moving into the 
Saint Lawrence and exploring the Great Lakes. In preparation for the 
400-year anniversary of French settlement in North America in 2004, this 
beautifully designed web site offers a journey through the trials of 
these early settlements, including architectural drawings, artifacts and 

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