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GLIN==> Michigan Areas of Concern News online

The fall edition of Michigan Areas of Concern News is now online.  The newsletter, produced by the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC), includes articles on the following topics (plus much more!):
- The Great Lakes Legacy Act
- General Accounting Office Report on the RAPs
- Great Lakes Strategy
- IJC Eleventh Biennial Report
- Canada-Ontario Agreement (COA)
- Michigan's ANS Management Plan
Additionally, the newsletter contains the following sections:
- New Publications and Resources
- AOC updates
Also included is a special insert,  LaMPs 2002: Lakewide Management Plans Update. 

For these articles and more, visit http://www.glc.org/spac/pdf/fall02.pdf.

To view the LaMPs 2002 Update, go to http://www.glc.org/advisor/02/lamps2002.pdf

For a hard copy of either of these publications, contact the Great Lakes Commission at 734-971-9135, glc@glc.org.