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GLIN==> Saginaw Bay WIN Announces Grant Awards; Opens New Funding Round

The Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) has announced grant funding awards totalling nearly $150,000.  Four projects, including an innovative dam alternatives prioritization project, a conservation tillage risk protection program, a wildlife habitat challenge cost-share program for conservation districts, and a unique watershed education mobile display will share the funding provided by the 12 foundation and corporate partners of the WIN effort.
WIN has also announced the opening of its Spring 2003 funding round.  Projects that support sustainable solutions to environmental, community, and economic challenges may qualify for funding.  Projects that cross governmental boundaries, encourage partnerships by leveraging resources, and balance a long-term focus with short-term, "on the ground" results are given priority.  WIN's funding priorities for 2003 are in the areas of wildlife habitat, water resources, land use, agriculture/pollution prevention, communication/eco-marketing/education, and sustainable business strategies.  Projects must be completed within the 22 county boundary of Michigan's Saginaw Bay Watershed.
WIN welcomes pre-proposals from nonprofit organizations that advance the search for sustainable solutions to current watershed challenges.  We are responsive to new ideas, new research and new approaches, recognizing that such innovation is necessary to move the concepts of sustainability forward in the Saginaw Bay Watershed,
For more information, see the WIN website at www.saginawbaywin.org , or contact Mike Kelly at The Conservation Fund at 989-662-6024.