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GLIN==> Request for Abstracts: Evaluation of Landscape Indicators

The Great Lakes Commission, on behalf of the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Consortium, announces the issuance of an amendment for the Year Two project work. This notice clarifies and expands details on the evaluation of landscape indicators. The GLC seeks a party to utilize existing data and reports and, if necessary, propose processes to fill in gaps and evaluate methods for collecting basin-wide information on Great Lakes coastal wetlands.
The evaluation of landscape indicators is one of four target projects sought for funding this year.  Eligible applicants include institutions, organizations, and agencies that have the capacity and experience to conduct analysis according to the needs outlined relevant to Great Lakes coastal wetlands.  To be eligible for consideration, Abstracts are due by Friday, February 14.
The RFA for the Evaluation of Landscape Indicators is available at:
Further information on past and current Consortium activities can be found on its website (see link below).  Contact Thomas Rayburn at the Commission if you have questions.
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