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GLIN==> Efforts to Restore the Greatness in 2002

The Great Lakes Commission had a great year in 2002! Read all about it in the Commission's 2002 Annual Report, now online at www.glc.org/advisor/report/

This special edition of the Commission's Advisor newsletter provides a look at the Commission's efforts to "Restore the Greatness" during 2002, including highlights of selected projects, overviews of the Commission's seven program areas and a summary of new initiatives for 2003.

Commission Chair Sam Speck outlines the major challenges facing the region, while President/CEO Mike Donahue describes the investments the Commission has made in the region's future. Plus contact information for key Commission personnel and complete listings of all board members, commissioners, associate members, and observers

Archived annual reports from previous years are also available via the Advisor/Annual Report link on the Commission's home page at www.glc.org

Kirk Haverkamp, Advisor editor
Great Lakes Commission
2805 S. Industrial Hwy. S. 100.
Ann Arbor, MI  48104