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GLIN==> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- March 10, 2003

Posted on behalf of Dick Munson <dickmunson@nemw.org>

* Job Opening

* Legislation:  Invasive Species and Brownfield Economic Development

* Briefings:  Federal Manufacturing Programs and Agriculture

* Letter:  Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The bipartisan Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition is looking for
a legislative director.  That staffer, working out of the office of Rep.
Jack Quinn (R-NY), will network with numerous lawmakers from the
Northeast and Midwest and try to advance a series of economic and
environmental issues important to the region.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send resumes to Dick Munson
<mailto:dickmunson@nemw.org> .

Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Susan Collins (R-ME) and Reps. Wayne
Gilchrest (R-MD) and Vernon Ehlers (R-MI) last week introduced
legislation to reauthorize and strengthen the National Invasive Species
Act of 1996.  The National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2003 (S. 525
and H.R. 1080 and 1081) will protect U.S. waters from aquatic invasive
species by preventing new invasions, screening new aquatic organism
imports, creating monitoring and rapid response programs to control new
invasions, and investing in research.

The current edition of Issues in Science and Technology, the quarterly
journal of the National Academy of Sciences, includes an article by the
Northeast-Midwest Institute's Allegra Cangelosi on blocking aquatic
invasive species.  The article can be accessed at

Senators Carl Levin (D-MI), Jim Jeffords (I-VT), and Susan Collins
(R-ME) next week will introduce legislation to authorize $60 million
through the Economic Development Administration for brownfield
redevelopment.  Cosponsors include Senators Edward Kennedy (D-MA),
Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY); endorsers
include the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Association of Regional
Councils, National Association of Development Organizations, Smart
Growth America, American Planning Association, and the Enterprise
Institute.  A companion bill will be introduced in the House by Reps.
Marty Meehan (D-MA) and Jack Quinn (R-NY), co-chairs of the
Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition.  The deadline for other
cosponsors is Friday, March 14.

Contacts: Kris Sarri <mailto:kristen_sarri@reed.senate.gov>  at the
Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition 202/224-0606) and Olwen Huxley
<mailto:olwen.huxley@mail.house.gov>  at the Northeast-Midwest
Congressional Coalition (202/226-9497).

The Northeast-Midwest Coalitions on Monday, March 17, will host a
briefing on federal programs that aid manufacturing.  Dr. Charles
Wessner of the National Academy of Sciences will discuss the Advanced
Technology Program (ATP); Kevin Carr of NIST will review the
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP); and Michael Greenman of the
Ohio Glass Association will talk about the Department of Energy's Office
of Industrial Technologies.  The March 17 briefing will begin at 10:00
am in 418 Russell Senate Office Building.

Contacts:  Kris Sarri <mailto:kristen_sarri@reed.senate.gov>  at the
Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition (202/224-0606) and Olwen Huxley
<mailto:olwen.huxley@mail.house.gov>  at the Northeast-Midwest
Congressional Coalition (202/226-9497).

The 2002 Farm Bill authorized two new conservation programs that will
assist ranchers and farmers to meet environmental stewardship
objectives.  The Conservation Security Program (CSP) provides
conservation on working lands by offering agricultural producers
incentives to adopt environmentally-sound practices.  The Grasslands
Reserve Program (GRP) will focus on restoring and protecting remaining
grassland and prairie ecosystems from agricultural conversion and
development pressures.  The Northeast-Midwest Coalitions on Friday,
March 14, will host two briefings on CSP and GRP.  The House-side
session will begin at 10:00 am in 122 Cannon House Office Building; the
Senate-side briefing will begin at 2:00 pm in 328A Russell Senate Office

Contacts:  Dan Wrinn <mailto:dwrinn@nemw.org>  and Allen Hance
<mailto:ahance@nemw.org>  at the Northeast-Midwest Institute

Senators Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) and Reps. Jack
Quinn (R-NY) and Marty Meehan (D-MA) are seeking signatures on letters
to Senate and House appropriators that requests $110 million for the
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) in fiscal 2004.

Contacts:  Kris Sarri <mailto:kristen_sarri@reed.senate.gov>  at the
Northeast-Midwest Senate Coalition (202/224-0606) and Olwen Huxley
<mailto:olwen.huxley@mail.house.gov>  at the Northeast-Midwest
Congressional Coalition (202/226-9497).

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