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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 May 2003

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What's New & Notable, 01 May 2003

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State of Minnesota

Site of the Month. Minnesota's new North Star web portal represents a transformation in delivering dynamic, consistent and cost effective government services over the Internet. North Star displays all state services and information by easily recognizable themes: living and working, learning and education, health and safety, government, business, travel and leisure, and environment. The new navigation structure means citizens and customers no longer need to know which agency houses specific information or services. Now the state's rapidly growing population of Internet-capable citizens can enjoy quick access to government information and transactions online, rather than spending time in line at government office counters.

Fishing ad. North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum


Governed by the Historical Society in Tofte, Minn., the museum's collections include artifacts, photographs and educational displays that chronicle Lake Superior commercial fishing and maritime history. "Fresh Fish - As Tho You Had Caught Them Yourself" -- the newest exhibit which runs through May 25 -- explores the marketing trends and fashions in the North Shore commercial fishing industry during the early 1900s.

Register now for "Moving Toward a Sustainable Great Lakes" Conference

Join all sectors of the Great Lakes community in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., June 25-26 for discussions on Great Lakes restoration planning, creating a sustainable transportation intermodal network, waterfront redevelopment, water quality and quantity issues, and more! Register online today; registration deadline is May 12.

Cleanup Level Database

The Cleanup Level Database provides searchable, online listings of soil cleanup levels and Records of Decision for more than 10,000 Superfund sites, including more than 150 in the Great Lakes states.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario.www.cnf.ca/naturecanada/spring03/

Did you know Canada has the longest coastline on the planet? In 2002, the National Marine Conservation Areas Act was passed and Canada now has the ability to create marine protected areas through three new pieces of legislation. The western coast of Lake Superior is one of 17 priority areas currently in various stages of legally becoming protected marine areas.

More Canadian water facts

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