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GLIN==> Call for Papers Submission Deadline May 9 for Wetlands 2003

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A reminder....

On behalf of the Association of State Wetland Managers I would like to
invite you to submit a paper to present at the National Symposium: Wetlands
2003 Landscape Scale Wetland Assessment and Management to be held on October
20-24, 2003 at the Sheraton Nashua in New Hampshire.  The deadline to submit
abstracts is May 9, 2003.  Wetland assessment is a topic area where the
application of sound science is essential to the long term successful
implementation of wetlands and related water resource programs at the
national, state and local level.  We hope this symposium will provide a
basis for moving toward consensus on the appropriate application of the
numerous wetland assessment methodologies that exist.  Wetland assessment
has many applications.  It is important to regulation, restoration,
watershed management, local land use planning and many other activities
undertaken by federal, state and local government.

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract of 250 words or less
addressing science, program/policy and legal issues related to wetland
and/or watershed assessment and management .  Please see call for papers
announcement at the ASWM web site at http://www.aswm.org/calendar/2003am/
for a comprehensive list of topics.  Additional topics will be considered on
a case-by-case basis.

National Symposium Goals:  The overall goal of this symposium will be to
build the capabilities of local governments, states, federal agencies, not
for profits and others to assess and manage wetlands and related ecosystems
on a landscape level by:

Examining the goals and management needs for regional wetland monitoring
assessment and management,
Integrating compensatory mitigation and voluntary restoration activities
into a watershed context,
Sharing information concerning the types and scales of data needed and data
analysis approaches to meet various landscape scale management needs,
Familiarizing wetland, floodplain, stream, and watershed managers with
various wetland monitoring and assessment techniques including the
comparative advantages and disadvantages of techniques, and
Helping wetland managers select techniques appropriate to their
circumstances ranging from site-specific planning and regulation to
watershed scale analysis, restoration, and management.
Please see call for papers announcement at the ASWM web site at

If you have any questions, please e-mail aswm@aswm.org or contact Sharon
Weaver at 518-872-1804.

Thank you.

Jeanne Christie

Executive Director

Association of State Wetland Managers

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