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GLIN==> The 2003 Biennium Award for Great Lakes Science

Title: The 2003 Biennium Award for Great Lakes Science

To publicly recognize the importance of science in the management of the Great Lakes, the International Joint Commission will present an award at its 2003 Biennial Meeting in Ann Arbor to a scientist who's research has had a positive influence on environmental quality and the health of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria

·       The individual's work under consideration may be either one major research initiative or the development of a body of knowledge.

·       While the award is applicable to a range of disciplines the primary focus of the research must be pertinent to implementing the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

·       Research must have a demonstrated applicability to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Applicability could be demonstrated by:

o       Action taken as a result of this research
o       Government funding
o       Legislation
o       Fundamental new understanding of the Great Lakes
·       Only research that has been peer reviewed will be considered.
·       Sustained effort and contribution to Great Lakes research will be considered.

Do you know someone who meets these criteria? 

Nominate them today! 

Nominations will be accepted until May 27, 2003.  Access the nomination form at http://www.glc.org/2003bienniumaward