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GLIN==> New Clean Boating Program by NY Sea Grant Offers Free Products,Info

Title: New Clean Boating Program by NY Sea Grant Offers Free Products, Info
For Immediate Release: July 8, 2003

Contact: Dave White, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, New York Sea Grant, 315-312-3042
Wayne Carroll, Brewerton Boat Yard, 315-676-3762
John Jablonski, Skaneateles Sailboat Shop, 315-685-7558
Jo Ellen Arney, Arneyıs Marina, Sodus Bay, 315-483-9111
Geoff Smith, Smith Boys Marina, North Tonawanda, 716-695-3472

Free Products Promote Clean Boating:
New York Sea Grant Partners with Four Marinas Across State

Oswego, NY, July 8, 2003 - New York Sea Grant has partnered with four
business owners, a marine products manufacturer, the Boating Industries
Association of Central New York and the Western New York Marine Trade
Association to distribute free goods and information to boaters on Lake
Ontario, Oneida and Skaneateles Lakes, and the Niagara River. The objective
is to promote clean boating.

³We have made more than 2,700 clean and safe boating bags filled with
environmentally-sound boating products and clean and safe boating
information available to four marinas on four different waters as part of a
pilot project,² says David White, New York Sea Grantıs Great Lakes Program
Coordinator and National Chair of the Marine Environmental Education
Foundation (MEEF).

³Our goal is to encourage environmentally-friendly and
necessary boating practices to keep New Yorkıs waters clean,² says White

The clean boating bags include an oil absorbent bilge sock and a fuel
nozzle bib manufactured by Anchor Environmental of Ohio, a New York State
Boating Guide, a list of pumpout stations and other boating information.

Marinas Sharing Message, Enjoying Positive Response

³Every bilge sock that is used saves oil from going overboard and thatıs a
plus for the environment,² says Wayne Carroll, owner of Brewerton Boat Yard
on Oneida Lake. Carroll estimates that more than fifty percent of the 75
boaters heıs already given the bags to did not realize the oil absorbent
bilge sock was available. ³The boaters here are using them and Iım making it
a point to show them the sock is in the bag.²

³Giving boaters a free product to keep their bilges clean helps make them
aware of an easy way they can keep the waters clean. The free information
packaged with the sock makes boaters more aware of safety requirements and
other clean boating practices.  Distributing the bags is a positive way for
us to help our boaters have a more pleasurable and safe day on the water,²
says John Jablonski, co-owner of Skaneateles Sailboat Shop.

Jablonski and business partner Schyler Barnes distributed more than 100
clean and safe boating bags at the Skaneateles Sailboat Shop in June and
have shared a supply with the Skaneateles Country Club marina.

At Arneyıs Marina on Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario, Jo Ellen Arney and John
Love added fliers for the waterfront concerts at Sodus Bay Lighthouse and
events at Oscar Fuerst Park to the 110 bags they placed on his boatersı
dashboards as a ³4th of July surprise package.²

³We included a note that said 'Have a Happy and Safe Summer courtesy of New
York Sea Grant and Arneyıs Marinaı and weıve received a nice response. This
project is good for all of us,² says Arney. Love says many of Arneyıs
boaters are from Rochester and beyond and are more interested in protecting
the water today compared to boaters 20 years ago.

³Weıre trying to teach consumers on the waterfront that it is not difficult
to keep a clean environment. Many of the small boat owners are willing to
help, but donıt feel they are doing as much to harm the waters as the large
lake freighters and the factories. We need to make clean boating easy and
inexpensive,² says Geoff Smith of Smith Boys Marina in North Tonawanda on
the Niagara River.

Environmental education has been part of the mission since the Smith Boys
began selling boats in 1952. Smith will be sharing the product and
information bags with the just-under 400 boaters who use his slips, the 60
boaters who use the in-and-out service at Smith Boys Marina, and with those
who buy new boats there.

³We specifically selected marinas with different types of boats on four
different waters to test boatersı response,² says White. ³We will assess
the projectıs effectiveness in the fall. Based on early reaction, we
anticipate a positive response that will suggest we expand the project for

NY Sea Grant Partnering Marinas with Manufacturer, Boating Associations;
Prevention is Key to Keeping Waters Clean

The project began with the distribution of 1,500 bags at the Boat Show in
Syracuse in February. Coordinated by New York Sea Grant, the project is
underwritten by the Boating Industries Association of Central New York and
the Western New York Marine Trade Association. Anchor Environmental
Solutions of Troy, Ohio, is providing the nozzle bibs and bilge socks.

³Prevention is the key thing. For example, our nozzle bibs can prevent
injury from belch-back fuel systems that spit fuel back at a boater and
into the water. The smallest amount of oil can cause serious damage to
hundreds of feet of shoreline and to the waterway. Letıs prevent it from
getting onto the water at all,²  says Bill Silver, Anchor Environmental
Solutions owner.

³We need to get on the docks for show and tell with the boaters. Partnering
with New York Sea Great and the marinas in New York State makes it possible
for us to reach that important audience to raise awareness and to provide
them with the products to help them take responsbility for keeping the
water clean,² Silver adds.

The nozzle bibs retail for $4.95 to $6.95; the bilge socks for $4.95. The
materials do not absorb water; they are made to absorb only the
hydrocarbons in the marine fluids, says Silver. His company also makes
small spill kits for marinas and boaters.

For More Info

For more information on New York Sea Grantıs clean and safe boating
project, contact Dave White, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, New York Sea
Grant, SUNY-Oswego, 62B Mackin Hall, Oswego, NY 13126, 315-312-3042,
SGOswego@cornell.edu; www.nysgextension.org. Anchor Environmental Solutions
can be reached at PO Box 800, Troy, Ohio 45373, 937-559-0379.
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