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DATE:		17 July 2003


WI Technical Contact: Nancy Larson, WIDNR (715) 685-2926
MN Technical Contact: Carri Lohse-Hanson, MPCA (651) 296-9134

All MPCA staff, toll-free (voice and TTY): (800) 657-3864

Contest Contact: Lynelle Hanson, St. Louis River Citizens Action
Committee (218) 733-9520


     Superior, WI & Duluth, MN. ­Lake Superiorıs many moods, spectacular
natural environment and humanityıs conflicting interactions with them are
among the first annual Lake Superior Photo Contest entry categories
project sponsors announced today.

     Because Lake Superior is a wild, wonderful, and threatened resource,
several environmental organizations decided to hold a photo contest
showcasing the best‹and worst‹of life in, on, under or around its
Minnesota or Wisconsin watersheds. In addition to producing a calendar of
the winning photos, organizers hope the result will also help educate,
and perhaps inspire people to actively protect this greatest of lakes.

     Entrants are encouraged to explore photo possibilities in areas not
directly associated with the lake: Wisconsin and Minnesota's Lake
Superior watershed contain thousands of square miles of water resources,
wetlands, human, plant and animal communities. Each impacts the lake in
one way or another.

     Contest sponsors seek color or black-and-white, previously
unpublished slides from amateurs and professionals in the following six
categories and their "beauty" and "beast" subcategories:


Life on the Edge (shore or coastline)
  Beauty examples: Shoreland restoration, natural coastline, beach or
  Beast examples:	Erosion, water discoloration

Human Use / Abuse
  Beauty examples: Taking enjoyment from the water resource--swimming,
fishing, sailing, kayaking
  Beast examples: Activities that degrade the resource‹burn	barrels,
illegal dumping,	septic overflows

Above and Below the Waterline
  Beauty examples: Healthy habitats‹for humans, plants and / or animals
  Beast examples: Dead zone, underwater dumps

Lake Superiorıs Moods
  Beauty examples: The lake as "Beauty"
  Beast examples: The lake as "Beast"

Rivers, Rapids, and		Waterfalls
  Beauty examples: Lush tributaries and watersheds
  Beast examples: Impacts upstream which ultimately affect the lake

Close-up and Personal
  Beauty examples:	Subjective lake-related "best"
  Beast examples:	Subjective lake-related "worst"

     Award-winning nature photographer Craig Blacklock will judge the
contest. Entries will be
evaluated on the basis of creativity, photographic quality and
effectiveness in conveying Lake Superiorıs unique character and stated
environmental themes. Twelve winning photos, one from each of the six
categoriesı "beauty" and "beast" subcategories, will be featured in a
2004 color calendar produced by the sponsors. Winners will receive a
limited number of calendars; the rest will be distributed by the sponsors.

     Entrants must be age 18 or older. All photos must be taken between
January 1, 2002 and September 30, 2003 and must be submitted in 35-mm
slide or large-format transparency format. Please limit the number of
slides to six per photographer.

     An official contest entry form must accompany each slide submitted.
Forms are available by calling the St. Louis River Citizens Action
Committee at 218-733-9520 or visiting its Web site www.stlouisriver.org

     The entry postmark deadline is Tuesday, September 30, 2003. Entries
should be mailed to "Lake Superior Photo Contest 2003," St. Louis River
Citizens Action Committee, 394 Lake Avenue South, Suite 303B, Duluth,
Minnesota 55802. No entries will be returned; all will become the
property of the sponsors for use in educational and promotional

     Contest sponsors include the  Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,
Minnesota Power, Sappi Fine Papers from Cloquet, Minnesota, St. Louis
River Citizens Action Committee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
University of Wisconsin Extension-Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center and
the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

     For more information and detailed entry guidelines, contact Lynelle
Hanson, St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee at (218) 733-9520.


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