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GLIN==> What's New & Noteable, 17 July 2003

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable
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What's New & Notable, 17 July 2003

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July 2003: Lakes Awareness Month

Did you know that the surface area and number of lakes in North America far exceed those of any other continent? In partnership with the North American Lake Management Society and the Great American Secchi Dip-In, EPA has produced a series of outreach and education materials to promote protection of our lakes and watersheds.

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Revisiting some "great" web sites!
In honor of GLIN's 10th anniversary year, we're highlighting some of our past Site of the Month honorees. These sites have grown along with GLIN and are the key partners that make the regional network a success!
Water Trouble: Michigan's Fresh Water Crisis

This one-hour special leads off with an investigative report followed by a live statewide call-in discussion. Great Lakes water diversion and groundwater uses are among the topics debated. View audio/video
Great Lakes Fish Stocking Database

Searchable by year, fish species and lake, this site provides fishery managers, scientists and other interested parties with access to a centralized, comprehensive database of all fish stocked into the Great Lakes from artificial propagation.
Wisconsin's Maritime Trails

Centuries of exploration, travel, commerce, and recreation on the Great Lakes have left an impressive trail of maritime cultural resources along Wisconsin's Great Lakes shorelines and bottomlands. Start your explorations here!

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