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GLIN==> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 3 September 2003



* Briefing:  Small Business and Manufacturing

* Flow of Federal Funds Annual Update

* Briefing:  Electricity Blackout

* Letter:  Manufacturing Extension Partnership

* Forum:  Contaminated Sediment Cleanup

* Manufacturing Czar





The House Manufacturing Task Force on Friday, September 5, will host a briefing by Small Business Administration Administrator Hector Barreto on SBA's support for manufacturing.  SBA is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the briefing will highlight agency programs that can help small manufacturers.


Manufacturing is the engine that drives the U.S. economy.  It produces one out of every six dollars of our economy's Gross Domestic Product, and it accounts for 71 percent of U.S. exports.  Small manufacturers are vital to a strong economy, create good jobs, and guarantee a high standard of living for American families.


The September 5 session will begin at 10:00 am in room 2456 of the Rayburn House Office Building.


Contact:  Michael Beckerman with the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition (202/226-9496).





The Northeast-Midwest Institute has posted updated web-site tables regarding the flow of federal funds to the states in fiscal 2002. To view the tables, go to and look at the listings for "Annual Tables for Flow of Federal Funds to the States."


More than half the northeast and midwest states contribute more in taxes to the federal government than they receive back in federal spending.  In the Northeast as a whole, higher-than-average per-capita federal taxation yields a low return on tax dollar even for some states that enjoy above-average levels of federal spending.  In the Midwest, the low return on federal tax dollar stems primarily from low levels of federal spending.  The factors that influence federal spending include demographics, economic well-being, industry mix, and the location of federal facilities and workers.  Click here for more background information on the flow of funds data.


Contact:  Matt Kane of the Northeast-Midwest Institute at (651/297-2406).





The Northeast-Midwest Coalitions on Monday, September 8, will host a briefing on the recent electricity blackout that plagued northeast and midwest states, paying particular attention to policies and initiatives that can improve the reliability of the nation's power delivery system.  Speakers will be announced soon.  The September 8 session will begin at 10:00 am in 2168 Rayburn House Office Building (Gold Room).


Contact:  Michael Beckerman at the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition (202/226-9496).





The House Manufacturing Task Force, co-chaired by Reps. Jack Quinn (R-NY) and Marty Meehan (D-MA), is circulating a letter to yet-to-be-named conferees seeking restored funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).  The House Commerce-Justice-State appropriation bill slashed the MEP budget by more than 60 percent, from $106.6 million in fiscal 2003.  As a public-private partnership, MEP's 60 centers provide valuable technical assistance and business support services to small manufacturers.


House offices wanting to sign the letter should contact:  Michael Beckerman at the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition (202/226-9496).





The Northeast-Midwest Institute on September 22 will sponsor a public forum to inform homeowners of the Waukegan and greater Lake County community about the economic benefits of contaminated sediment cleanup in Waukegan Harbor.  Speakers will be Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL), Waukegan Mayor Richard Hyde, Thomas Skinner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Dr. John Braden from the University of Illinois, Susie Schreiber of the Waukegan Harbor Citizens Advisory Group, and David Ullrich of the Great Lakes Cities Initiative.  The September 22 event will be held at the College of Lake County, Lakeshore Campus Conference Center, 111 North Genesee Street, Waukegan, Illinois, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.


Contact:  Nicole Mays at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (202/544-5200).  Click here for more information about the forum.





The House Manufacturing Task Force, co-chaired by Reps. Jack Quinn (R-NY) and Marty Meehan (D-MA), praised the president's move to create a new Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing.  The bipartisan Task Force has long supported a post within the Department of Commerce that would focus on the manufacturing sector.


"We will hold this new 'Manufacturing Czar' accountable," said Rep. Quinn.  "We'll expect regular reports to Congress on the status of the manufacturing sector, forecasts for the coming year, and determinations of which laws, regulations, or policies adversely affect the sector."


"This Manufacturing Czar needs to be more than just a clearinghouse for the president's big business policies," said Rep. Meehan.  "This person needs to be a proactive advocate for growing our manufacturing base and recapturing those lost jobs by making industry more competitive and innovative."


Contact:  Michael Beckerman at the Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition (202/226-9496).