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Title: *** Request for Proposals ***

Great Lakes Fishery Commission




The Great Lakes Fishery Commission presents three awards annually to individuals or groups who have taken extraordinary action to protect our Great Lakes resources.  The three awards (described below) are:



·          The W.J. “Jack” Christie/Kenneth H. Loftus Award for Distinguished Contributions to Healthy Great Lakes Ecosystems


·          The C.D. “Buzz” Besadny Award for Fostering Great Lakes Partnerships


·          The Vernon Applegate Award for Outstanding Contributions to Sea Lamprey Control



The Great Lakes Fishery Commission invites you to nominate an individual or a group to receive a 2004 award.  A printable nomination form is available online at www.glfc.org/awards.htm.  You may submit your nomination by regular mail, fax (734-741-2010), email (marc@glfc.org), or online (www.glfc.org/awards.htm).


Nominations are due by November  18, 2003


Nominations submitted in previous years will be considered for 2004.


For more information about the awards, visit  www.glfc.org/awards.htm


Great Lakes Fishery Commission

2100 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite 100

Ann Arbor, MI 48105


734-741-2010 (fax)



*email: marc@glfc.org







The Jack Christie/Ken Loftus Award for Distinguished Contributions to Healthy Great Lakes Ecosystems recognizes an individual or group who made significant contributions to protecting or improving the Great Lakes environment.  Healthy ecosystems are the foundation for strong fish and wildlife communities.  Jack and Ken, two former employees of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, remain widely known for their steadfast adherence to science in resource management.  Jack and Ken’s lasting legacies continue to be the high standards they set for research, their emphasis on science as the basis for management, and their commitment to the “ecosystem approach.”  The Jack Christie/Ken Loftus award recognizes those who have adhered to the highest principles of science for the short-term and long-term benefit of Great Lakes ecosystems.  (2003 Recipient:  Randy Eshenroder, for contributions to fishery restoration.)


The Buzz Besadny Award for Fostering Great Lakes Partnerships recognizes an individual or group who exemplified extraordinary commitment to building strong and lasting partnerships in Great Lakes resource management.  Management agencies on the Great Lakes recognized long ago that threats to the resource and opportunities for environmental protection required greater management capability than any one agency or government could provide. By building partnerships, agencies and individuals build trust, strengthen resolve to advance the ecosystem approach to management, and, ultimately, improve the quality of the Great Lakes for today and for the future.  Buzz Besadny’s commitment to the Great Lakes through research, cooperation, diplomacy, and absolute respect for the resource inspired a generation of managers.  The Buzz Besadny award recognizes those who, in the spirit the former DNR Director and GLFC Commission Chair, took laudable action to foster the partnerships that are so valuable to our common endeavor.  (2003 Recipients:  Bill Lafferty, Kevin Ramsey, and Ninth Coast Guard District, for coordinating law enforcement.)


The Vern Applegate Award for Outstanding Contributions to Sea Lamprey Control recognizes an individual or group who furthered the cause of sea lamprey control on the Great Lakes.  In the spirit of Vern Applegate—a visionary who, 50 years ago, pioneered the successful sea lamprey control effort—this award recognizes persons who made particularly noteworthy contributions in such areas as lampricides, alternative controls, integrated pest management, non-target mortality, research, and program efficiencies.  Sea lamprey control is vital to the vibrancy of the valuable Great Lakes fishery; to the achievement of Fish Community Objectives; and to the millions of people who rely on the fishery for food, income, and recreation.  The Vern Applegate award is a fitting recognition of those who made outstanding contributions to the program and to the long-term health of the Great Lakes fishery.  (2003 recipients:  Roger Bergstedt, Doug Cuddy, and Mike Fodale, for work on the St. Marys River sea lamprey control effort.)