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GLIN==> Save September 12-15, 2004 for Restore America's Estuaries' National Conference!

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Dear Member of the Habitat Restoration Community for our coasts and estuaries,

We are gathering together again – this time in Seattle!


Restore America’s Estuaries is thrilled to announce the

Second National Conference on Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration,

September 12-15, 2004 at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washington.


Last April, more than 800 members of the restoration community met at the Inaugural National Conference in Baltimore, Md. to share successes, discuss lessons learned and plan for the future of restoration.  Participants were from all corners of restoration, including field practitioners, businesses, community leaders, consultants, scientists, program managers, regulators, educators and others who are involved in every aspect of coastal habitat restoration. The 105 Conference partners and sponsors were also broadly representative of the full restoration community, and they displayed their products, services and programs in the dynamic Conference Exhibit Hall.


Building on this tremendous momentum, the Second National Conference will again advance the knowledge, pace, practice and success of coastal and estuarine habitat restoration. While addressing restoration challenges and successes around the country, the Second National Conference will also highlight the unique resources and restoration efforts in and around the Pacific Northwest.


The goals of the conference will be to:

* Expand our collective ability to restore habitat through small to large scale projects – toward our Nation’s goal of restoring 1 million acres;

* Build the restoration industry – products and services crucial to success in restoration; and

* Catalyze new levels of exchange and collaboration between businesses, government, non-profit organizations, scientists, educators and volunteers.


The Second National Conference will provide an unparalleled opportunity to:

* Communicate your experience and talent through presentation and discourse, helping to craft the future of restoration;

* Connect with leaders and peers involved in coastal and estuarine habitat restoration;

* Learn successful strategies for all aspects of habitat restoration planning, implementation, outreach and community involvement; and

* Discover the latest products, tools, practices and services available to you from businesses, government agencies, community and non-profit organizations and others who will exhibit at the “Restoration Expo.”


More information and the Call for Presentations will be available in October at our website, http://www.estuaries.org/.


If you are interested in exhibiting at the Restoration Expo or becoming a Conference Sponsor, please contact:

Rick Bates, Development Director, rickbates@estuaries.org, 703-524-0248.


For more information, please contact:

Nicole Maylett, Conference Coordinator, nmaylett@estuaries.org, 703-524-0248, or

Steve Emmett-Mattox, Vice President and Program Director, sem@estuaries.org, 703-524-0248.