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                              SHOREBIRD eNEWS
             From the Shorebird Sister Schools E-mail Network

In This Shorebird eNews Update:
1.  WHSRN News
2.  The Children's Shorebirds Website!
3.  January's Playa Post
4. WHSRNews:  Shorebird Educators - News from the East-Asian Australasian

1.  WHSRNews
Long-billed Curlew Survey Protocol Available Online
Long-billed Curlew range-wide survey and monitoring guidelines developed by
USFWS, USGS and University of Montana research biologists are now available
on the Region 6 Mountain-Prairie web site:
http://mountain-prairie.fws.gov/species/birds/longbilled_curlew/   Contact
Suzanne Fellows: suzanne_fellows@fws.gov  for more information.    Courtesy
of Playa Lake Joint Venture

2.  The Children's Shorebirds Website!

This website is part of the Sister Wetlands Agreement between Boondall
Wetlands in Brisbane and the Yatsu Higata (tidelands) in Narashino City,
Japan. It is also part of the Children's Shorebird Information Network, for
information sharing between students in schools along the East
Asian-Australasian Flyway.

The primary objective of the Children's Shorebird Information website is to
aid in the preservation of shorebirds.

This website is funded by a grant from Brisbane City Council and is run by
senior school students in the Information Technology Department of Earnshaw
State College.

Junior school students studying Boondall Wetlands and it's shorebirds
supply information for sections of this website and children and other
wetland sites are invited to contribute as well.

Supported by:
                    Brisbane City Council
                    Education Queensland
                    Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre
                    Queensland Wader Study Group

Website Maintenance:
                    Deane McLennan of Lambda Web Design

3.  January 2004 edition of the Playa Post.

In this issue:
1. Nebraska NAWCA Gets Council Nod
2. PLJV Offers Timely Tips on Applying for NAWCA Grants
3. Partner Profile: Platte River Basin Environments, Inc.
4. PLJV Board to Meet in Woodward, Oklahoma

Follow this link for the Playa Post:

4. WHSRNews:  Shorebird Educators - News from the East-Asian Australasian

To:  educators, managers & shorebird enthusiasts

Re:  Feathers, Flyways and Friends Program ? a collaborative project
between shorebird educators along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. It
builds on the popular education document "Feathers, Flyways and Fastfood"
by Dr Margaret Rowe and is a companion resource to the US based flyway site
"Shorebird Sister Schools Program".

This new shorebird website is up for peer review:
http://www.wetlands.org.au/shorebirds/index.htm   Developed by The Wetlands
Centre, Australia, the website includes participation from a number of
organizations involved in shorebird conservation and community education.

Your review is most welcome!  Please send suggestions to Helen Aitchison:

This news was provided by Dr. Taej Mundkur, Coordinator, Asia-Pacific
Waterbird Strategy Coordination Unit Wetlands International

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