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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 February 2004

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable
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What's New & Notable,
01 February 2004

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Michigan Land Use Institute

GLIN Site of the MonthThe Michigan Land Use Institute offers a rare combination of competencies - the ability to make sense of complex issues, the expertise to communicate reasoned solutions and the dogged organizing skills to make them a reality. Institute journalists, researchers and program specialists spend years digging up and confirming the underlying facts about the penalties of spreading development out across the land. MLUI presents innovative ideas to policy makers, crafts clear and convincing messages with grassroots partners, and works through its magazine, web site and the media to reach the hearts and minds of Michigan's people.

Life of the Lakes Exhibit

The "Life of the Lakes" exhibit explores the science of the Great Lakes, including the role of people in lake health and biodiversity. The exhibit runs through May 31, 2004, at the University of Michigan's Exhibit Museum of Natural History.

Mackinac Bridge Photo Gallery

Mackinac Bridge. Seasonal albums of the "Mighty Mac" along with holiday and historical photos, all free to download courtesy of the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

Large Lakes Observatory

SOFIS Report.Located on the Duluth campus of the University of Minnesota, the Large Lakes Observatory is the only institute in the country dedicated to the study of large lakes worldwide. The LLO web site highlights many initiatives, including a comprehensive report on the Science of Freshwater Inland Seas (SOFIS).

Great Lakes Coastal Zone Management programs

CZM programs provide grants and technical assistance to local governments and state agencies to help improve public access and local economies, protect natural resources, promote proper planning and conserve coastal resources. Great Lakes state programs:

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