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                              MN SEA GRANT
                              NEWS RELEASE
DATE: 2/4/04
CONTACT: Marie Zhuikov, mzhuikov@umn.edu
         (218) 726-7677

            Liquid Science Speaker Series Starts with Sturgeon

Not only did lake sturgeon make a fine dinner 150 years ago but gelatin
from the inner lining of its air bladder was used to make isinglass --
a substance used in jellies, glues and the windows of carriages and
early cars.  Soak up more sturgeon facts and a variety of Great
Lakes-related information through the Liquid Science Speaker Series.

On February 10, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's
Mid-Continent Ecology Division and the University of Minnesota Sea
Grant Program and are launching the monthly Liquid Science Speaker
Series with, "Resurgence of Lake Sturgeon."  This hour-long
presentation by Dr. Nancy Auer, with the Department of Biological
Sciences at Michigan Technological University, will begin at 7 p.m. at
the Hartley Nature Center in Duluth.  On February 11, Dr. Auer will
offer a similar presentation at the North House Folk School in Grand
Marais, at 7 p.m. 

"The demise of the lake sturgeon from the Great Lakes Fishery following
its hey-day in the late 1880s is a classic Great Lakes story," said
Auer.  "The reasons for its lack of rebound once the fishery was closed
and the current problems faced by some populations make equally
fascinating sequels."

Auer plans to tell these stories and discuss the unusual life and odd
habits of this large bony-plated fish. Based on her 16 years of
sturgeon research in the Sturgeon River, MI, she will review hopeful
management practices and research directions for these "living fossils
of fish evolution" in the Lake Superior region. 

The Liquid Science Speaker Series presentations are free and for the
public. All presentations are scheduled from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. with
receptions immediately following to encourage conversations with the
researchers. The complete Liquid Science Speaker Series schedule is as

February -- Resurgence of Lake Sturgeon
Duluth, Hartley Nature Center (3001 Woodland Ave.), February 10    
Grand Marais, North House Folk School  (500 W. Highway 61), February 11

March -- E. coli in Lake Superior
Duluth, Hartley Nature Center, March 9
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, March 10

April -- WOW! Water on the Web
Duluth, Hartley Nature Center, April 13
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, April 14

May -- Linking Land Use to Water Quality
Duluth, Hartley Nature Center, May 11
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, May 12

June -- Invasive Species of the Great Lakes
Duluth, EPA Gitchee Gumee Conference Facility (6201 Congdon Blvd.),
June 8
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, June 9

July -- On the Edge! Great Lakes Coastal Research
Duluth, EPA Gitchee Gumee Conference Facility, July 13
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, July 14

August -- Great Lakes in a Changing Climate
Duluth, EPA Gitchee Gumee Conference Facility, August 10
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, August 11

September -- Restoring Coaster Brook Trout
Duluth, EPA Gitchee Gumee Conference Facility, September 7
Grand Marais, North House Folk School, September 8

For more information, visit Liquid Science online
(www.seagrant.umn.edu/speakerseries/index.html) or contact Minnesota
Sea Grant by e-mail (seagr@d.umn.edu) or by phone (218-726-8106).

This series was made possible in part by a grant from the Minnesota
Department of Natural Resources-Waters and Minnesota's Lake Superior
Coastal Program through the Coastal Zone Management Act, which is
administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.


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