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GLIN==> 2004 Lakes Convention Announcement

Posted on behalf of Lola Dvorak ledvorak@tds.net

Wisconsin Lakes Convention: April 15-17, KI Convention Center Green Bay

Keep the future of lakes in good hands.yours!

Do you care about Wisconsin lakes?  Would you like to sit down and talk to
someone that can give you some straight answers about your lake and water
challenges?  Are you interested in what is new around the state regarding
research, water policy, regulations and rules?  Would you like to have your
voice heard on courses of action for Wisconsin lake management?  Do you
enjoy seeing old lake friends and catching up?  If you are thinking "YES!"
to these questions, you owe it to your lake to attend the 26th Annual
Wisconsin Lakes Convention in Green Bay this April.

Hundreds of state lake organizations regularly send a delegation to the
Wisconsin Lakes Convention.  They understand it to be one of the best uses
of their time and dollars.  Lake organization members can get their concerns
listened to and learn more in two and a half days than they could using
other methods during the entire year.

Much has happened over the past year and much is in store for our lakes and
their future.  Once again, diverse water organizations will come together on
Thursday during, "Where the Waters Meet."  This workshop explores the theme
of "Tools for Citizen Involvement," drawing from the expertise of many state
water and conservation groups.  Breakout sessions will address such issues
as citizen monitoring, conservation easements and other tools for natural
resource protection, capacity building for citizen groups, sustainable water
use and more!

Friday and Saturday's convention lineup includes committee reviews of
Wisconsin's shoreland management program, budget cuts that may impact your
lake, how to engage in statewide protection programs, and lessening the
impact of lakeshore development.  These are only a few of the issues that
will be addressed at the 26th Annual Wisconsin Lakes Convention!  This
conference represents a unique opportunity to listen, learn and discuss with
others your experiences and questions on lake and water resource management,
law, fisheries, shoreland restoration, youth and adult education and other
important matters.

The Wisconsin Lakes Convention is the largest gathering in the nation of
people concerned with our lakes and waters.  Dedicated volunteers, agencies,
universities, experts and policy makers come together each spring because
they care! The Convention is hosted by the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, a
nationally recognized and successful collaboration of the Wisconsin
Association of Lakes (WAL), UW- Extension and the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resources. Speakers include: Governor Jim Doyle, Attorney General
Peg  Lautenschlager, Department of Natural Resources Secretary Scott
Hassett, and Department of Tourism Secretary Jim Holperin. The Wisconsin
Lake Stewardship Awards, the highest honor anyone can receive for lake
protection in Wisconsin, will be presented on Friday.  The event costs only
$170 for all three days of activities and meals.

For registration or for more information, contact Sally Marchel Hendric at
(715) 346-2116. See WAL's page for details on stewardship awards, business
exhibition, and youth scholarships. Also visit the UW-Extension's Convention
Website for full convention details, including registration and agenda.

Wisconsin Association of Lakes

One Point Place, Suite 101

Madison, WI 53719-2809

608-662-0923 phone      608-833-7179 fax


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