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GLIN==> Great Lakes Commission Annual Report now online!

The Great Lakes Commission's 2003 Annual Report is now available online at www.glc.org/advisor/report

Titled "Restore the Greatness: A Year of Progress," this special edition of the Advisor newsletter includes:

·    "Great Lakes, great challenges," a message from Chair Sam Speck

·    President/CEO Michael J. Donahue on the unique role of the Commission in Great Lakes governance and the past year's accomplishments

·   An informative look at the Commission's "Great Lakes Program to Ensure Environmental and Economic Prosperity" and other advocacy efforts

·    An overview of Commission projects and how they advance "Great Lakes Program" priorities

·    Descriptions of the Commission's seven program areas

·    Complete listings of all Commissioners, Associate Members, Observers and staff

Annual reports from previous years are also available at www.glc.org/advisor/report.

Kirk Haverkamp
Editor, the Advisor
Great Lakes Commission
Eisenhower Corporate Park
2805 S. Industrial Hwy., S. 100
Ann Arbor, MI   48104-6791