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GLIN==> Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship Program RFP







Application Deadline – April 9, 2004


Purpose of the Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship


The Lake Michigan Federation announces this request for proposals under its Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship. Because economic factors can strongly influence public and environmental health policies, the goals of the Fellowship are to:


·        Develop economic approaches for protecting various elements of the Great Lakes ecosystem;


·        Support students interested in environmental economics as advocacy tools, similar to the practice of public interest environmental law and conservation biology; and


·        Provide matching funds with other sources to enhance support for complementary economics work.




The Lake Michigan Federation is interested in supporting work on the following environmental economics projects:


·        Case studies on the economic value of restoring habitats, such as coastal wetlands.


·        Case studies on the economic value of restoring healthy hydrological functions in rivers, wetlands, or other site-specific aquatic ecosystems.


·        An estimate of the total costs associated with impacts to an important commercial or sport Great Lakes fishery, such as yellow perch, caused by one or a group of invasive species.


Because of the time and other limitations described below, such studies are not intended to be exhaustive, but to summarize economic impacts in various areas. Past fellows have conducted studies on the economic benefits of preserving Lake Michigan coastal zone biodiversity, sand dune protection, and other resources.



Application Process


The Federation will award two $5,000 fellowships to finalists. Projects should seek to be completed by August 15, 2004. Proposals should be no more than 3 pages in length and include qualifications, statement of interest about particular proposed projects in environmental economics work, and a one-page work plan that outlines goals, objectives, and timelines. Proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Word format by 5 p.m. on April 9, 2004. Proposals must include a signed letter of support/commitment by a faculty advisor to assist in guiding research and other work under the project.


The Lake Michigan Federation offers the Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship with funding from The Joyce Foundation. Proposals and inquiries about specific projects should be directed to:


Cameron Davis, Executive Director

Lake Michigan Federation

220 South State Street, Suite 1900

Chicago, IL  60604-2177



About the Lake Michigan Federation


The Lake Michigan Federation’s mission is to restore fish and wildlife habitat, conserve land and water, and eliminate pollution in the watershed of the largest lake within U.S. borders. More information about the Lakefront Task Force is available online at www.lakemichigan.org.








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