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GLIN==> Water, Water Everywhere WEBCAST April 23 or 24, 2004 from OhioView

Water, Water Everywhere WEBCAST for K-12 students -Friday April 23, 2004
from 1-2 pm EDT or Saturday, April 24, 2004 from 12-1 pm EDT

The webcast's WEB ADDRESS is : http://waterwater.grc.nasa.gov 
The webcast's EMAIL ADDRESS is:  waterwater@grc.nasa.gov 
Email questions during and we will try to answer them.

On Friday, April 23, 2004 and on Saturday, April 24, 2004, the NASA Glenn
Research Center and the OhioView Consortium will host a web cast for grades
students, teachers, and interested folks.  During this program scientists
from The University of Toledo, Kent State University, Cleveland State
University, and Ohio State University will discuss what is remote sensing,
current water quality remote sensing research, how we utilize the satellite
information, and demonstrate a 'hands-on, fun' activity where students will
measure water quality using a cutting-edge remote sensing instrument.

Things to be aware of:
**Please remember to only have one computer in your classroom logged into
the webcast.
**People with only dial-up modems will not be able to view the webcast.
They are not fast enough.
**This is new technology that has a tendency to not work properly.  We
suggest that you have a backup lesson for you class in case the technology
does not

Some Instructions:
1) A NASA webpage has been designed for these web casts to give you all
kinds of information. http://waterwater.grc.nasa.gov
On April 23, 2004 and/or on April 24, 2004 you will go to this web address
and click on the "Water Water Everywhere Web Cast" link to view/hear the web

2)  You MUST register to participate in the web cast! Please refer to "Web
Cast Participant Guide" for further directions.  The web cast web address
registration is also: http://waterwater.grc.nasa.gov 

3)  You will need to check your hardware/software set-up to make sure that
you can connect to NASA's site, see us and hear us.  Please refer to "Web
Participant Guide" for further directions. 

4)  Prior to the live web cast, if you have any questions/concerns/problems
please contact Terri Benko at Tbenko@utnet.utoledo.edu to answer your
question or direct you to the appropriate personnel. 

5)  If you have any problems connecting to/seeing/hearing the web cast on
April 23 or on April 24, please telephone the following trouble-shooting
number. (216) 433-8989 The extremely pleasant and knowledgeable people at
the other end (NASA folks) will help direct you.   Please refer to "Web Cast
Participant Guide" for further directions.

Posted on behalf of:

Kevin Czajkowski
Associate Professor
Department of Geography and Planning
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH 43606
fax: 419-530-7919

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