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GLIN==> Request for Proposals for Lake Champlain Sea Lamprey Egg Survival Study

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Request for Proposals

Lake Champlain Sea Lamprey Egg Survival

The Lake Champlain Basin Program is seeking proposals for the estimation of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) egg survival. This information will be used to advance the accuracy and specificity of sea lamprey life history modeling efforts to improve evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative control strategies.  This will achieve the next step in implementation of a long-term sea lamprey control program for Lake Champlain called for in the lakewide management plan for Lake Champlain, Opportunities for Action.


The Basin Program is seeking proposals to estimate sea lamprey egg deposition and egg survival rates for two separate conditions – eggs that incubate inside the nest, and eggs that incubate outside the nest.  The successful proposal will incorporate both field and laboratory studies to develop accurate estimates of egg survival rates.

The RFP is available from the Basin Program website http://www.lcbp.org (beginning April 15) or you can call the Basin Program office at 802/372-3213 (800/468-LCBP toll free in New York and Vermont), to receive a copy via US Postal Service. Proposals must be received by the close of business on May 14, 2004.



Miranda Lescaze

Technical Coordinator

Lake Champlain Basin Program