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GLIN==> Seminar Announcement: Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction, May 25, 2004, Battle Creek, MI

Seminar Announcement

"When Over Meets Under: Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions (GSI)"

May 25, 2004 at McCamly Plaza Hotel in Battle Creek.

Registration deadline is May 14.

This seminar is organized by the Michigan Water Environment Association
(MWEA) Groundwater and Watershed Management Committees (coordinated by Chris
Kosmowski of the City of Battle Creek), with support from the MI-AWWA
Groundwater Committee, MDEQ, USGS and the City of Battle Creek.

We have lined up a panel of nationally- and internationally-renowned experts
to address this important emerging topic. We think you will find attendance
well worthwhile. All presentation material will be included with
registration and continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.  CEC
credits will be available.  MWEA and AWWA members receive a discount.
Non-members receive a complementary 1-year membership to MWEA.  

We would appreciate your help in distributing this email to
potentially-interested parties at your organization or elsewhere (MI, OH,
IN, IL). We believe this seminar has wide appeal and we are especially
interested in reaching students. Thanks for your help and our apologies for
any crossposting.  Please email mwea@cmsinter.net for more information.

The program is as follows:

1)  Welcome   

    Bradley Brogren, Moderator, Michigan Public Health Institute 

2)  Keynote Speaker  

    Jim Nicholas, Chief, Michigan District, United States Geological Survey

3)  Healthy Watersheds-Our Responsibility, Our Legacy

    MWEA Watershed Mgt. Committee

4)  Groundwater-Surface Water Contaminant Fate Transport Processes 

    Tim Dekker, Ph.D., P.E.,  Limno Tech, Inc.

5)  The Effects of Storm Water Infiltration on Quality of Groundwater
Beneath Retention and Detention Basins

    Emmanuel G. Charles, New Jersey District, United States Geological

6)  Atrazine Reconnaissance Sampling to Assess the Importance of
Ground-water/Surface-Water Interaction, St. Joseph River Basin, Michigan and

    Howard Reeves, Ph.D., Research Hydrogeologist and Ground-Water
Specialist, Michigan District, United States Geological Survey 

7)  A PCE Groundwater Plume Discharging to a River: Influence of the
Streambed and Near-River Zone on Contaminant Distributions

    Brewster Conant, Jr., Ph.D., Research Professor, Department of Earth
Sciences, University of Waterloo, Ontario

8)  Comprehensive Approach To Integrating Storm Water With Groundwater

    Christopher Barnes, P.E., City Engineer  & Michael Renk, P.E., Asst City
Engineer, City of Portage

9)  Groundwater Nitrate Measurements From A Constructed Wetlands Wastewater
Treatment Site

    Andrew Bender, Director of Engineering, JF New Company

10) Speakers Round Table 

    Q&A from the Audience

For more information, please visit http://www.geocities.com/mweagwc/ 

For registration brochure and map, please visit

(400K file, note: brochure is legal size, remember to select "Shrink
oversized pages to page size" to print to letter size paper)

For speaker bios, please visit

(If you get an error in downloading the files, please try back again in an
hour as the Geocities webservice has limited bandwidth)

Because this is a joint sponsorship, we encourage you to distribute seminar
information and attend.  Please note that AWWA members also will receive the
discounted membership rate.   We look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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