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GLIN==> IJC launches on-line discussion

June 2, 2004 



IJC launches on-line discussion

of the upcoming review of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement


  • What do you think about the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement?
  • Does it need to be updated?
  • Is the scope of the agreement still as sound in 2004 as it was in 1978? 
  • What should be the region's vision for the future of the lakes? 


These are questions the governments of the United States and Canada will face this year as they begin to review the effectiveness of this historic agreement-- the IJC is interested in your views and looking for your input. 


Article X of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement directs the governments to review of the operation and effectiveness of this historic agreement following every third IJC biennial report.  The 12th Biennial Report, to be released in 2004, triggers this review.  


To participate, visit the IJC's Internet bulletin board at www.ijc.org and take part in the basinwide discussion of the issues early in the review process.  Questions lead off each discussion area to help conversation begin, but you are encouraged to log on and respond to other's thoughts or comment on agreement issues that are important to you.