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GLIN==> Stakeholder input sought for binational Great Lakes/Seaway Study

Submitted by Dave Knight  <dknight@glc.org>

Stakeholder input sought for binational Great Lakes/Seaway Study
Progress continues on a comprehensive study of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence
Seaway system authorized by Transport Canada and the U.S. Department of
Transportation in a May, 2003 Memorandum of Cooperation. Strong focus is
being put this summer on stakeholder input, which will be solicited at a
series of five regional consultation sessions.

The Great Lakes Commission is partnering as facilitator of stakeholder
engagement with the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) of
Quebec City. The two agencies have long worked together as co-secretariats
of the International Association of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Mayors.

Stakeholder meetings got under way June 3 in Montreal. They continue June 8
at the Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Centre in St. Catharines, Ontario,
June 15 at the U.S. EPA Gitchee Gumee Conference Center in Duluth, July 6 at
the Clayton Opera House in Clayton, New York and July 14 at the Union League
Club in Chicago. All start at 9 a.m. except in Clayton which will start a 6

Groups or individuals wishing to present their views at one of the meetings
are asked to register with either the Commission or SODES at least one week
in advance. Those not able to attend one of the meetings may submit written
briefs to the Commission or SODES until September 1, a recently extended

The objectives of the stakeholder meetings are to solicit knowledge and
expertise, especially relating to marine transport in the Great Lakes/St.
Lawrence system; to consult the public on the study's process, content,
objectives, and milestones; and to provide ample opportunity for input from
all Great Lakes/St. Lawrence interest sectors.

Among stakeholder groups being invited to participate are the U.S. and
Canadian marine transport community and the industries it serves; states,
provinces and local governments; First Nations and tribes; environmental
stewardship organizations; universities and research entities; and economic
development agencies.

For more information contact Dave Knight, 734-971-9135 or by email at

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