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GLIN==> New Ohio Lake Erie License Plate Now Available


Aug. 3, 2004

Sales of new plate benefit Lake Erie Protection Fund
TOLEDO, OH - A new license plate featuring the historic Toledo Harbor Light 
is now available at Deputy Registrars across the state, according to the 
Ohio Lake Erie Commission.  The new plate design will be offered in 
addition to the Marblehead Lighthouse license plate, which has been Ohio's 
most popular specialty license plate since its introduction in 1993. 
 Proceeds from the sale of these commemorative license plates benefit the 
Lake Erie Protection Fund.
This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the Toledo Lighthouse, a 
three-story Romanesque structure that guards Toledo Harbor leading to the 
mouth of the Maumee River.  The lighthouse was built in 1904 after the 
federal government dredged a deep-water channel linking Lake Erie and the 
Maumee River at the Port of Toledo's entrance.  At that time, the structure 
was considered the most modern lighthouse anywhere in the world.  The 
lighthouse was automated in 1965 and still operates today with its original 
Fresnel lens.
 "The widespread popularity of the Marblehead Lighthouse plate has 
demonstrated the affection Ohioans share for both our Great Lake and its 
lighthouses," said Patricia Madigan, deputy director of the Ohio 
Environmental Protection Agency.  "In response to the 100-year anniversary 
of the Toledo Harbor Light, Ohio motorists will now have two ways to 
display their Lake Erie pride."
A set of Lake Erie license plates costs Ohioans an additional $25 above 
regular vehicle registration fees at the time of purchase and with each 
annual renewal, with $15 from each sale going to the Lake Erie Protection 
Fund.  Administered by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, the fund supports 
research and implementation projects, restoration and education efforts to 
protect and enhance Lake Erie.  Since the creation of Ohio's first Lake 
Erie license plate in 1993, approximately 500,000 plates have been sold 
throughout the state, generating more than $7,500,000 for the Lake Erie 
Protection Fund.  Both of the lighthouse license plate designs are the work 
of Ohio artist Ben Richmond.
As with other Ohio license plates, the Lake Erie plates may be 
personalized, at additional cost, with reserved or "vanity" letter/number 
combinations.  Further information is available by calling the BMV 
toll-free hotline at 1-800-589-TAGS or by visiting their web site at 
www.oplates.com .	
The Ohio Lake Erie Commission was established to preserve Lake Erie's 
natural resources, water quality and ecosystem. It also promotes economic 
development in the region.  The commission oversees the Lake Erie 
Protection Fund and distributes grants that focus on improving the quality 
of Lake Erie and to furthering the goals laid out in the Lake Erie 
Protection & Restoration Plan.
For Further Information Contact:
Patricia Madigan, Ohio EPA
(614) 644-2782


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