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GLIN==> Great Lakes Chronicle - Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program has released its third annual Great
Lakes Chronicle. The Chronicle, a full-color publication dedicated to Great
Lakes issues, is intended to promote public understanding of the lakes,
provide expert information to public policy leaders and create an historical
record of Great Lakes events and issues. 
The Great Lakes play an important role in Wisconsin's economy, including the
manufacturing, transportation, energy and tourism sectors. Millions of state
residents draw their drinking water from the lakes and a variety of wildlife
call them home.
Governor Jim Doyle has been a leader on Great Lakes issues and currently
serves as co-chair of the Council of Great Lakes Governors. His coastal
initiatives include an expansion of the Harbor Assistance Program to
encourage economic development of privately owned marinas and port
facilities and ongoing efforts to site a National Estuarine Research Reserve
on the shores of Lake Superior, which would be the first such facility on
the western Great Lakes.
In the publication's foreword the Governor notes that "the investments we
make now to protect and restore Lakes Michigan and Superior will benefit
future generations. I ask all Wisconsinites to join me in working toward a
healthier Great Lakes system."
The Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, in the Department of
Administration's Division of Intergovernmental Relations, is dedicated to
preserving and making accessible the ecological, economic and aesthetic
assets of the Great Lakes and their coastal areas. The program works
cooperatively with state, local and tribal government agencies and
non-profits to encourage good stewardship of coastal resources for the well
being of Wisconsin's residents and future generations. Use the link, below,
to learn more about the program and its activities. 
Free copies of the 2004 Great Lakes Chronicle are available by calling Mike
Friis at (608) 267-7982 or e-mailing coastal@doa.state.wi.us

For more information, visit Wisconsin Coastal Management Program Web Site
at:  http://coastal.wisconsin.gov

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