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Media advisory
Water Levels Study - Press Conference and Public Meeting www.losl.org
For Immediate Release
Ottawa, July 28, 2004 - Environmental factors, recreational boating and
tourism, coastal erosion and flooding, commercial navigation, water uses and
power generation - these are the areas that are being studied for impacts by
the long-range recommendations that will come from the International Lake
Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study. The Study is in the middle of the fourth
year of a five-year mandate to look at how the regulation of water levels
can affect some of the most vital interests in the Lake Ontario - St.
Lawrence River system.  They are also taking into account the forecasted
effects of climate change.

The Study's Public Interest Advisory Group (PIAG) is coming to communities
in the next few weeks to provide an update on the progress of the Study and
consult with interested individuals and groups on how changing water levels
could affect communities that depend on the system. The first consultation
will be in Akwesasne at the Akwesasne Mohawk School on School Road.

The Study Board will report its findings to the International Joint
Commission in 2005.

What: Public consultation meeting 
When: August 12, 2004
News Conference: 4 pm
Public Meeting: 7 pm
Where: Akwesasne Mohawk School, Cornwall Island
Who: Lake Ontario - Saint Lawrence Study Board Public Interest Advisory
Why: To provide an update regarding the progress of the Study and to seek
public input. 
- 30 -
Greg McGillis,  Public Information Officer	Ottawa, Ont.	(613)
Arleen Kreusch,  Public Affairs Specialist	Buffalo, NY	(716)

The Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study was set in motion in 2000 by the
International Joint Commission to evaluate the Commission's Order of
Approval used to regulate outflows from Lake Ontario through the St.
Lawrence River. The Study is assessing the impacts of changing water levels
on affected interests, including the environment, recreational boating and
tourism, shoreline communities, commercial navigation, municipal and
industrial water uses and hydropower.  The Public Interest Advisory Group is
a volunteer group appointed by the International Joint Commission to ensure
effective communication between the public and the Study Team.  

Greg McGillis
Communications Officer / Agent de Communications
International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study
L'étude international sur le lac Ontario et le fleuve Saint-Laurent

Phone:   (613) 992-5727
FAX:      (613) 995-9644

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