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GLIN==> Wetland Science Forum - Save the Date and Call for Papers

Mark your calendars now to attend Wisconsin Wetlands Association's 10th
Annual Wetland Science Forum to be held January 26 - 27, 2005 in Green Bay.
Coastal Wetlands is the theme of this two-day conference that will convene
wetland professionals, researchers, conservationists, and the general public
to discuss a variety of issues related to coastal wetlands, including
ecology, hydrology, threats, conservation strategies, and research needs.
The conference program will include a keynote address, several sessions,
panel discussions, working groups, and field trips, all based on a coastal
wetlands theme. We are happy to have Wisconsin Coastal Management Program as
our co-host for this conference.
In recent years, statewide, regional, national, and international attention
to Great Lakes issues has grown rapidly.  In October of last year, the
Council of Great Lakes Governors outlined nine priorities for restoring and
protecting the Great Lakes, including the restoration and protection of
coastal wetlands.  This recognition underscores the strong need to convene
scientists and others working on Great Lakes to share current knowledge
about coastal wetlands, threats to coastal wetlands, research needs and
protection strategies.  We invite you to participate in WWA's 2005 Coastal
Wetlands Science Forum and help build a statewide and regional collaboration
for protecting and restoring Wisconsin's coastal wetlands. 

Does your research involve coastal wetland habitats or species that depend
on these habitats?  Have you worked on restoration or conservation planning
for coastal wetlands?  Are you involved in a science-based community effort
to restore or protect coastal wetlands? If so, please consider presenting
your work at the 2005 Wetland Science Forum.  An official call for papers
will be distributed in September, but it's not too early to start planning
if you have coastal wetlands work that you'd like to share. For more
information, please contact Laura England, Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Outreach Programs Director, at laura@wiscwetlands.org. 

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