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GLIN==> NOTICE: Sept 15, 2004 Ohio Lake Erie Commission Meeting

September 8, 2004

Group to hear 2004 "State of The Lake" report

The presentation of Ohio's 2004 "State of the Lake  Report ~ Lake Erie 
Quality Index" will highlight the upcoming quarterly meeting of the Ohio 
Lake Erie Commission (LEC), scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, at the 
Leonard Krieger CanalWay Center, 4524 East 49th St. in Cuyahoga Heights. 
This important report will provide Ohio's citizens with information on the 
status and present condition of Lake Erie.  The Index consists of 11 
indicators that provide an objective measure of Lake Erie's  environmental 
quality as well as recreational use  and economic  status since the Index 
was last issued  in 1998.

A Second Progress Report reporting on the State of Ohio's accomplishments 
in improving the Lake will also be released showing how Ohio is meeting the 
goals of the Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan which is the state's 
blueprint and plan to improve Lake Erie.

In addition, the commission is expected to award nearly $250,000 from the 
Lake Erie Protection Fund for research projects that enhance Lake Erie's 
quality of life. Funds for these grants are derived primarily from the sale 
of Lake Erie license plates. Other meeting agenda items include 
announcement of the 2004 Ohio Lake Erie Award recipients. Each year the 
award is presented to an individual and an organization that have made 
outstanding contributions to the wise-stewardship of Lake Erie. Winners of 
the 2004 "Life on Lake Erie" photo contest will also be announced.

The Commission members will be updated on the current Coastweeks 2004 
celebration of Lake Erie, which continues through September 19; and will 
also be provided a status report on this year's sales of Lake Erie license 
plates including the newly released Toledo Harbor Lighthouse license plate. 

All meetings of the Ohio Lake Erie Commission are open to the public and 
include a public comment period. Organizations and citizens are urged to 
attend this meeting and provide input on Lake Erie issues and matters 
relating to water quality.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is comprised of the directors of the Ohio 
departments of the environmental protection agency, natural resources, 
transportation, development, health and agriculture. The commission was 
established to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, water quality and 
ecosystem. It also promotes economic development in the region.

The commission oversees the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund (LEPF). During 
the last 12 years, the commission has raised more than $7.5 million through 
the sale of Lake Erie license plates, featuring a choice of either the 
Marblehead or Toledo Harbor lighthouses. This money is used to fund LEPF 
grants that focus on improving the quality of Lake Erie and to furthering 
the goals laid out in the Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan.
For Further Information Contact:
Patricia Madigan, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(614) 644-2782


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