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GLIN==> Program now available: Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting, Oct.4-5 in Toronto

The Great Lakes Commission will convene for its 2004 Annual Meeting, 
Oct. 4-5 at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. See 
http://www.glc.org/meeting for full meeting details and online 
registration. The preliminary program is available at 

**Register Now**
Registration deadline is Friday, September 17!

Our theme this year is "Celebrating Success, Preparing for the Future!" 
It is inspired, in part, by the fast-approaching 50th anniversary of the 
Great Lakes Commission and the history of leadership and partnership 
exercised by its member states and provinces. It is also inspired by the 
many opportunities and challenges that await us  and the entire Great 
Lakes-St. Lawrence community  as we work together toward environmental 
and economic prosperity.

The business session on October 5 will showcase the Commission's state 
and provincial delegations: each will speak to regional success stories 
and offer priorities that will shape the Commission's agenda well into 
the future. We will also hear from U.S. and Canadian policy leaders, 
address member resolutions and policy proposals, and receive updates on 
a number of major ongoing studies that have implications for the 
protection, restoration and sustainable use of the waters and related 
natural resources of our binational Great Lakes-St. Lawrence system. 
And, of course, we will have plenty of time for networking and social 
activities, including an opening reception and site visits/field trips 
on October 4.

The Commission is once again pleased to co-sponsor the opening reception 
of the State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC: 
http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/solec), a biennial event that immediately 
follows the Commission meeting at the same hotel. Please join us for 
this October 5 evening reception, and consider extending your stay 
through October 8 to accommodate the SOLEC conference.

Register now at http://www.glc.org/meeting

See you in Toronto!

Christine Manninen
Program Manager, Communications & Internet Technology
Great Lakes Commission
2805 South Industrial Hwy., Suite #100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone 734.971.9135 ext 112

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