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GLIN==> 2005 IJC Biennial Award for Great Lakes Science -- Nominate Today !

Title: 2005 IJC Biennial Award for Great Lakes Science -- Nominate Today!

Nominate Today!
To help advance the appreciation that scientific excellence is imperative for Great Lakes renewal, the International Joint Commission will be issuing its second

Biennial Award for Great Lakes Science in June 2005

The IJC has been soliciting nominations for the past few months.  However, it was recently brought to our attention that, due to a programming error in the on-line submission form, all nominations submitted to date, HAVE NOT BEEN RECEIVED.  

We sincerely apologize for this problem, and have extended the deadline for nominations to March 11, 2005. 
If you have submitted a nomination for this award, please resubmit your nomination today.  If you have not yet submitted your nomination, please participate in our Call for Nominations for the IJC Biennial Award for Great Lakes Science (http://www.ijc.org/2005biennial/2005bienniumaward.html). The science-policy interface has never been more critical. Our Biennial Award Winner will receive a generous grant. Besides this, raising the importance of science in our complex regime of institutions is a priceless step towards making the Lakes Great.

The Great Lakes scientific community, which continues to unravel the complex interactions of multiple stressors, needs to be part of the debate on the future of the Agreement. The IJC regards scientific input into the government's review to be vitally important. What is science telling us about the effectiveness of past programs and the design of future policy? We need the scientific community to concentrate on the opportunity for renewal, to forge a firm linkage between science and policy

The award will be presented at the IJC's 2005 Biennial Meeting, June 11, 2005 at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, to a scientist whose research has positively influenced the environmental quality and the health of the Great Lakes basin ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria

The award's winning scientist will receive an award of $5000 USD to be applied to Great Lakes research. In the event that there are two winners, the award will be split evenly.

It is expected that the scientist will attend the IJC Biennial Meeting June, 11, 2005, in Kingston, Ontario, and make a short presentation at the plenary session.

Dr. Gail Krantzberg, Director
Great Lakes Regional Office, IJC
519 257 6715