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GLIN==> Environmental Health Perspectives...current issue

The current issue of Environmental Health Perspectives has
several items of interest to Great Lakes and Michigan....

.....with a cover article...."Contemplating the Great Lakes"

An editorial...

Lakes in Crisis
Susan L. Schantz
[ Full ] [ PDF ]

Resource at Risk

Awash in Policies
A 164 & A 174

A neat review blurb on Great Lakes Information Network, which is
the technical resource provider for the Enviro-Mich list
and the sponsor of Glin-Announce

EHPnet: Great Lakes Information Network

An article about enzymatic indicators of PCB explosure
amount Mohawk Indians on the St. Lawrence River...
PCB Exposure and in Vivo CYP1A2 Activity among Native Americans
Edward F. Fitzgerald, Syni-An Hwang, George Lambert, Marta Gomez, and Alice Tarbell
p. 272 [ Abstract ] [ Full ] [ PDF ]

Association of Ambient Air Pollution with Respiratory Hospitalization in a Government-Designated "Area of Concern": The Case of Windsor, Ontario
Isaac N. Luginaah, Karen Y. Fung, Kevin M. Gorey, Greg Webster, and Chris Wills
p. 290 [ Abstract ] [ Full ] [ PDF ]

Fewer frogs in Illinois

...and more.... 

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