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GLIN==> Funding Opportunity: Announcing EPA's new Technical Assistance Request for Applications

Apply for Smart Growth Implementation Assistance!


After learning about the principles of smart growth, many communities are asking "How do we get from the principles to practice?  This could really help my community -- but how do we do it?"  EPA is offering an opportunity to apply for free technical assistance that will help you apply smart growth principles to a real challenge in your community.


The Development, Community and Environment Division in U.S. EPA's Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation is seeking applications from communities that want to develop in ways that meet environmental and other community goals.  A team of multidisciplinary experts will provide technical assistance to communities that are selected.


Communities around the country are interested in fostering economic development, protecting their environmental resources, enhancing public health, and planning for growth, but they may lack the tools, resources, or information to achieve these goals.  EPA can help communities overcome these roadblocks by providing evaluation tools and expert analysis.


EPA is soliciting applications from communities that want help with either policy analysis (e.g., reviewing state and local codes, school siting guidelines, transportation policies, etc.) or public participatory processes (e.g., visioning, alternatives analysis, build-out analysis, etc.).  Selected communities will receive assistance from a team of experts organized by EPA and other national partners to work with local leaders.


For more information and application materials, please go to: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/sg_implementation.htm