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GLIN==> Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration


The Northeast-Midwest Institute would like to announce release of the following report:


Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration:

   Lessons for Existing and Emerging Initiatives


Authored by Karen Vigmostad, Nicole Mays, Allen Hance, and Allegra Cangelosi, the report (and appendices) is available for download at http://www.nemw.org/restoration_products.htm



Large-scale ecosystem restoration presents a highly complex set of challenges that require unprecedented levels of knowledge, coordination, money, governance, and committed actions over time. This report explores these challenges by examining seven case histories – the Chesapeake Bay, Coastal Louisiana, Columbia River, Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay-Delta, South Florida Everglades, and Upper Mississippi River. The project’s overall goals were to inventory these restoration initiatives, compare and contrast them, and evaluate them for lessons relevant to existing and emerging restorations across the country. The results of the inventory can also be found on the project’s web site (http://www.nemw.org/restoration.htm).