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GLIN==> USEPA GLNPO Funding Guidance / Project Submittals Due 8 AM, May 31, 2005

Through the USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office FY2005-2006
Funding Guidance, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA's)
Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) is requesting Great Lakes
project submissions addressing one or more of the following topics:
Pollution Prevention and Toxics Reduction, Habitat (Ecological)
Protection and Restoration, Emerging or Strategic Issues (including
Invasive Species), Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Priorities, and Lakewide
Management Plan (LaMP) Priorities. A total estimated amount of up to
$4,692,000, for 40 to 100 projects, may be awarded under this
announcement for furthering protection and cleanup of the Great Lakes

The deadline for all project submittals is 8:00 AM  Central time,
Tuesday morning, May 31, 2005.

We request that submittals be developed using our electronic Project
Submission System (PSS2005). The Funding Guidance and the PSS2005
program will be available from http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/fund/2005guid/

The Funding Guidance is available today on our website.  It is also
available on the website as a document in pdf format which you can
download.   Before the end of the week, we will activate hyperlinks in
the Funding Guidance so that various materials referenced there are more
readily available.

The PSS2005 Program will be available before the end of the week.  In
the interim, interested applicants may turn to page 25 of the Funding
Guidance for a "Summary of PSS2005 Fields and Project Information
Requirements."  This one-page summary of the information needed for
submissions allows you to see our requirements and compose your work off
line.  You will then be copy and paste it into the program.

For your convenience, we have appended excerpts from the Funding
Guidance to give you a better idea of the projects requested this year.
Please refer to the Funding Guidance for full descriptions.

To be added to our mailing list which announces and provides information
about our funding opportunities, we request that you register at:
http://www.epa.gov/glnpo/maillist/index.html  For general questions,
please contact Michael Russ.

Michael Russ
USEPA-Great Lakes National Program Office
Program Planning and Budget Team Leader
77 West Jackson Blvd. (G-17J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
Phone 312-886-4013
Fax 312-353-2018
Visit us at www.epa.gov/glnpo/

A. Pollution Prevention and Toxics Reduction - GLNPO requests project
submissions for pollution prevention, reduction, or elimination
projects, with an emphasis on substances which are persistent and toxic,
especially those which bioaccumulate, in the Great Lakes basin.  Under
this topic area, an estimated $500,000 is targeted for approximately
8-15 projects.

B. Habitat (Ecological) Protection and Restoration.  GLNPO requests
Great Lakes Habitat (ecological) Protection and Restoration project
- An estimated amount of up to $250,000 will be awarded for
approximately 4-6 projects that are Great Lakes basinwide or regional in
scope. Projects must be collaborative partnerships that demonstrate
common goals and expected outcomes.
- An estimated amount of up to $50,000 is targeted for approximately
10-15 conference/meeting or education material projects that address
Great Lakes ecological protection and restoration issues, information
and/or actions.
C. Emerging or Strategic Issues.  In order to better fulfill its mission
under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement for the restoration and
maintenance of the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the
Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, GLNPO is requesting project submissions
which identify and propose solutions/mitigation for Emerging or
Strategic issues of Great Lakes Basin-wide applicability.  An estimated
amount from between $0 - $600,000 may be targeted for approximately 0 to
12 projects.  The total budget for such projects cannot be determined at
this time, and is largely contingent on the amount, if any, available
after making provision for every-five-year expenditures for
seaworthiness of the Lake Guardian.  The amount of these expenditures
may not be known until October, 2005, consequently decisions for this
topic may be delayed until then.  Of the total available estimated
amount, $100,000 would be targeted for Invasive Species.

D. RAP Priorities - USEPA requests project submissions which advance
Remedial Action Plan implementation and development. Under this topic,
an estimated amount of $2,440,000 is targeted for approximately 7-20

E. LaMP Priorities.   USEPA is requesting submissions for projects which
will further advance Lakewide Management Plan implementation and
development. An estimated amount of $852,000 is targeted for
approximately 12-29 projects.

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