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GLIN==> Fwd: Attend the Michigan Great Lakes Research Needs Panel Discussion at IAGLR 2005

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IAGLR 2005
Understanding Michigan Great Lakes Research Needs and Looking Forward

A Public Forum
Sponsored by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Office of the Great Lakes

Thursday, May 26
9:30 a.m. - noon
Room 1024, Dana Building, School of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Michigan

The MDEQ, Office of the Great Lakes with the assistance of the Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund Technical Advisory Board is conducting a session to discuss Michigan Great Lakes research needs identified by Michigan agencies including Departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Community Health.  The session will include several presentations by panelists addressing research needs over the next three to five years related to economic, environmental, and human health effects of contamination of the Great Lakes; environmental cleanup technologies; pollution control policies; and the health of Great Lakes fish, waterfowl, and other organisms.  

Session Chair	
Dr. Jennifer Read 
Michigan Sea Grant, Assistant Director
University of Michigan


9:30 a.m.  Welcome & Introductions

9:40 a.m.  Presentations	

Public Health Impacts of the Great Lakes, Rita Loch Caruso, Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Michigan 

Innovation in Pollution Control Technologies: From Superfund to Emerging Contaminants, Peter Adriaens, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School for Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Michigan

Focusing Great Lakes Research on Desired Outcomes in an Ecological Framework, Jack Bails, Vice President and Senior Consultant for Natural Resources, Public Sector Consultants

Great Lakes Aquatic Invasive Species Research Priorities, David Raikow, Research Aquatic Biologist and Certified Ecologist, National Center for Research on Aquatic Invasive Species, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

Broader Impacts of Climate Change:  Putting the Puzzle Together, Brent Lofgren, Physical Scientist, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

Research Priorities for Rare Species and Critical Natural Communities and Habitats of Michigan's Coastal Areas from a Natural Heritage Program Perspective, Mike Penskar, Botany Program Leader, Michigan Natural Features Inventory

11:10 a.m.  Panel Discussion 

11:45 a.m. Next Steps

12:00 p.m.  Adjourn

For more information visit: http://iaglr.org/conference/2005/michiganforum.php or contact the Office of the Great Lakes at 517-335-4056.

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