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GLIN==> USFWS Sea Lamprey Management Program, June 7 in Traverse City

Submitted by Don Harrison, Benzie County Sport Fishing Assoc., <fishbenzie@yahoo.com>

Release Date:  6-1-05

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sea Lamprey Management
Program Scheduled for June 7th in Traverse City

The Inland Seas Education Association of Suttons Bay will be hosting a seminar in Traverse City, as part of their 2005 Great Lakes Seminar Series, on Tuesday, June 7, featuring Barry Matthews, from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mr. Matthews will present information related to the current state of the Sea Lamprey Management Program. Mr. Matthews, who is the Lead Technician at the Ludington Biological Station, has an exciting presentation planned on the state of Sea Lamprey in the Great Lakes and according to Colleen Masterson, Biologist/Education Director of the Inland Seas Education Association, "his presentation will be informative and he has promised that he is going to try something "dramatic".

This seminar will run from 7-9 p.m. on June 7, 2005. The presentation will be held at the Harleysville/Lake States Building, located at 12935 S. West-Bay Shore Drive, across from the Fog Horn Restaurant, in Traverse City.

Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA), who's motto is "Protecting the Great Lakes through Education", is a private, non-profit organization devoted to teaching students of all ages about the science, history and "spirit of the Great Lakes". Their goal is to "protect the Great Lakes through education, by creating future stewards of this precious natural resource".

The Inland Seas Education Association hosts seminars, topical to the Great Lakes Resource, on the first Tuesday of each month. All seminars are free of charge and open to the public.

For more information, see

For more information about the Inland Seas Education Association, visit their Website at www.GreatLakesEducation.org

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