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GLIN==> Ontario Consults Public on Draft Annex Agreements

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Protecting Great Lakes Basin Waters:

Draft Provincial/State Agreements


The Ontario Government is negotiating agreements with Quebec and the eight Great Lakes states to better protect, conserve and manage the waters of the Great Lakes Basin. The revised draft agreements ban diversions of Great Lakes Basin waters with limited exceptions governed by strict controls. They also implement measures to conserve and manage water withdrawals and consumptive uses in the basin. 


After listening to the public on an earlier set of drafts released in July 2004, the government returned to the table to negotiate stronger agreements. The draft agreements are available for public comment until August 29, 2005.


You are invited to attend a public information meeting to learn about the proposed draft agreements.  You may also read the agreements and learn more about them on the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry at www.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/env_reg/ebr/english/index.htm (Registry Number PB04E6018) or by clicking on the link for “Protecting Great Lakes Basin Waters” at www.mnr.gov.on.ca.


Please see the attached file for a list of meeting dates and locations.

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